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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sports Update Not From A Hottie..BOOOOOOOO!

I'm sick and tired of this homerun chase thingy, and ESPN, and everyone's goddamn opinion on whther Barry Bonds juiced. FYI, he did.... and he simply admitted that he didn't know it was a steroid. Hey, I didn't know I was wasted, but I managed to get a DUI...I shoulda played stupid. "Oh, that was beer.?..What's Goldschlager? I thought that red-headed slut was the tramp across the bar from me!" Ignorance is effin bliss. The fact is that Bonds took this hallowed record and turned it into nothing but a freak show. Anyone notice he didn't even hug his son at home plate? He pointed to the sky, then cheered for himself. CLASSY! My favorite moment came when Hank Aaron appeared on the JumboTron and gave a *ahem* heartfelt speech congratulating Barry. Hank's a class act, and I hope no one ever forgets that. He didn't want to do congratulate a self absorbed clown, but he did it. Aaron never ahd to worry about steroids..he was too busy dodging death threats due to his race. I can't totally blame B-Squared, aka Shrek, for the steroids issue. The league turned a blind eye to it. It wasn;t an issue when Bud Selig was an owner making a killing off these mammoth homeruns. And while people say that it wasn't illegal in baseball to take steroids, it was illegal in the country. Use your common sense. Sorry, I felt the need to write this. Guys like Ryan Howard will forever be tainted even though they didn't cheat...just because they played in this era. It's bullshit. Anyway, I'm off. I've got midgets to kick. Then I'm gonna go claim I didn't realize it was illegal to kick them.