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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Phillies Update From Our Sports Hottie, Jennifer!

Let me preface this by saying Jennifer wrote this on Tuesday. Also let me tell you that this is like the hottest thing I've ever read from a woman. I seriously might be in love just because of this article. It's like when you opened your first dirty magazine, and you realized there's this whole new world you've never seen before. You felt different inside. It just gives you a ray of hope that there are women out there that can sit down, drink a beer, and wax philosophical about Philly sports.

Article From Our Sports Hottie, Jennifer!
After losing Chase Utley on Thursday and Ryan Madson on Sunday, two more Phillies were injured on Monday night, during the Phillies' 4-1 victory over the Cubs in Chicago. That brings the number to four in five days.Victorino injured himself while running out a grounder in the fourth inning. The result is a strained calf. He's listed as day-to-day.And, Micahel Bourn looked to be injured rather seriously when he ran into the bullpen mound on the right field line. He too is listed DTD. Tell me, why after all these years do they have the bullpen mounds outside the foul lines on Wrigley Field? That is an injury trap. Looks like the Phillies will have to seek out some ambulance chasers on this one. Time to give Fox, Wolf, Roach, and Goldratt a call. Well, in all seriousness if both Bourn and Victorino are out for an extended period of time then the Phillies' playoff chances will have been dealt a serious blow.Victorino will go in for an MRI today to determine the extent of his injury. He said he heard it pop on the play.Bourn said he thinks he'll be out for a few days. Lost in the injury madness of this game was another great pitching performance by Cole Hamels, who went eight innings, allowing just one run, walking two, and striking out eight. He also got his 12th win of the year after Brett Myers recorded the save for his first save in over two months. The short-handed Phillies will face off against the Cubs tonight at 8:05 in an attempt to win their fourth consecutive series. Adam Eaton takes the hill against Jason Marquis.And, as far as what other trades we can expect the Phillies to make, a certain line from the movie "Network" comes to mind. Robert Duvall said, "this is a whorehouse network, we gotta take what we can get." Well in the case of the market at the trade deadline.This is a whorehouse market, we gotta take what we can get. Just be glad they did something and got Iguchi and Lohse. Had there not been a lot of public pressure on them to do something I doubt they would have done anything.


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