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Friday, August 3, 2007

Nobody Puts Hottie In The Corner


I'm giddy like a schoolboy about today's hottie. Annie is 20 years old and is a true jetsetter. She's a professional dancer (clothed, idiot) and she's very, very good at it. She's worked for professional sports teams, and danced at venues in Philly, New Yawk, AC, LA, and Vegas. It's an alphabetical smorgasbord of cities. Annie's currently in college, and her goal is to obtain her doctorate in Psychology. ..Paging Dr. Hottie, we have a crisis in ward 4. Hot and ambitious! Dr. Hottie ...Annie, I mean, wants to open her own practice and charge your mental ass 200 bucks an hour to blab about how your mommy doesn't love you. WAHHH. Well, your mom loves me, so it's cool. Sorry, lame joke. Couldn't pass it up. Once she establishes herself as the hottest psychologist ever, she wants to be part owner of a bar/nightclub. So quick recap...absolutely gorgeous, extremely talented (and flexible...added bonus to the dancing lifestyle), brilliant, and ambitious. I have no idea how some of these hotties are single. But I'm not complaining.
Tip of the Day

Q: How can a guy avoid entering the dreaded "Friend Zone"?

A: If a guy wants to avoid the "Friend Zone" he should never make himself too available to a girl that he's interested in. Meaning, he shouldn't always drop what he's doing to meet her for coffee or grab some lunch. He shouldn't pick up the phone everytime she calls, and he certainly shouldn't be texting her 50 times a day. The less available and interested a guy seems in a girl, the more interested she becomes :)

Ahhhhh shit. The Belly shirt. Add that to my list of "Crap That I Consider Kryponite".


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