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Monday, August 27, 2007

All A Hottie Really Need Is A Little Bit, Get To Kissing And Touching... A Lil Bit

Alison Hope

Today's hottie was born and rasied in Abington, PA. Alison is 22 and now resides in Northern Liberties where she works for She's a Preston and Steve girl, which is like a guarantee that she's hot. In her spare time, Alison hangs out with her two dog Bandit and Batman. She also beleives Batman's the best superhero ever. While I may agree that Batman's a cool superhero, I'm going to have to say that he loses points for having the gayest sidekick ever in Robin. Holy Nuts-on-his-chin Batman. This hottie is also a parrothead, meaning she's a Jimmy buffett fan. I've been to those concerts, and they are completely out of control. I saw a shirtless Jon Runyan hightailing it through the parking lot, looking like a drunken bear avoiding capture. No word on whether Alison's been atop the Titty Tiki. I'm guessing not cause she looks kinda classy, but I'm sooo hoping yes. Cause that would be a good one to add to the catalog. Also, if you ever need a 7 letter word meaning "a job done with your hands", Alison can definitely help you out too! She does crossword puzzles in her free time and currently has about 20 of them laying around her house unfinished. So maybe that could be your pickup line. "Whats a two letter word for an intelligent gentleman who's a tiger in the sack? Me." Just cover your balls, fellas. It's gonna be a hit or miss line.

Tip of the Day

Q: When I get a Hotties phone number, how long do I wait to call?

A: I think you put all social rules aside and call when you feel it's right. That you should wait a specific amount of time is ridiculous, each situation is going to be different and you need to be able to read the girl in order to make the best decision. If you really hit it off I think theres nothing wrong with calling the next day...not at 10am...but perhaps around 6 or 7 to see what shes doing that night. If she seems like the type of girl who needs to be ignored by men in order to feel interested in them then wait 3-5 days to make that call. I think the important thing is that if your confident and comfortable making the call she will pick up on it and in turn be more responsive. Guys confidence is EVERYTHING...if nothing else, remember that.


SexxxySadie said...

Great advice, as always.

I personally think this should be posted on a HUGE billboard, as more men need to read, and retain.

I always love this site, and will continue to visit.
Best wishes,


CodeRed said...

Hey you can hit me up at

I live in Northern Liberties but work In Manhattan, NY. Get at me, maybe we can chill sometime. I also think Batman is the best superhero.