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Monday, August 13, 2007

Money Can't Buy Local Hotties, But It's A Damn Good Down Payment

Miss Jenna Jamison

Seriously. That's her name. Don't wear it out, Terrance. Now before you even start in, she won't bang you or fellate you for the quarter plus pocket lint your diggin for. At least, I hope that's what you are digging for. Seriously, look at this 21 year old Hawtie. (I'm biting all the rap songs that spell shorty, Shawty. Doesn't flow as well.) Anyway, this girl is absolutely slammmmin, son! Jenna's a certified party animal, like Spuds McKenzie. She's a college student and loves spending her free time at the beach, and going waverunning. Today's hottie is into all the sports I consider white trash sports, or hick sports to be exact. But it's cool, I dig some of em too. I grwe up country. She likes quads and go-cart racing. And in her words, she likes getting dressed up, but also doesn't mind getting a little dirty!! Hmmm, a hottie with a body and a brain. I think we're onto a hot concept here. I'm gonna run with it. Anyway, Jenna models and loves hanging out with her girls. I've seen pictures of her crew. Holy Shit, that's a hot group. I'll try to get them all on to do a day. Jenna, thank you beautiful for all your help today.

Tip of the Day

Q: What was your worst dating experience?

A: My worst dating experience would have to be .... my ex boyfriend of 3 years sleeping with my discusting step sister, that i lived with since the 3rd grade! She got kicked out of the house and is no longer involved in the family . Of course its called Karma and they both got theres. Other then that I have not had anymore horrible dating experiences since. Ive learned that i have to be very careful with who i trust and give my heart to. Now I am single and having fun living it up of course ! thats some dirty goddamned laundry being aired right there. And I effin love it. Ladies...share your stories...we'll be posting all of them this weekend. Just let us know if you don't want your face used..even though that's a bitch move. If you hang someone out to dry you should at least have the balls (ovaries?) to show your face with it. Fellas, share too! Just keep it straight!


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