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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oooh Local Hottie, Oooh Local Hottie, Get Up On This, Pu-Push It Real Good!


Hmmmmmm where to start. Kimberly comes to us from Jersey but went to college at Bloomsburg, and can really (really) party in Philly. Now I have to tread lightly cause i know Kim. This girl was the first person I met at Bloomsburg, and let me tell you...what an introduction to the new school. So I guess she's technically like my first college "crush". Wow, that could make things awkward. Anyways..I think the hottest thing about Kimberly would probably have to be her smile...then follow that up by the fact that she's in a fantasy football league. Her drafts Saturday, and she's a huge Iggles fan. Her friends coordinated a beer drinking contest based on Beerfest, and Kim even has her own team uniform for it. Ok, Im thinking maids skirt, with a tight referee top vut low to show off cleave, eye black and a crooked hat that says 69...oh, and hooker boots or red high heels. I don't know, I may be wrong though. In between parties Kim holds down a full time job, finds time for the beach (she can surf, too), goes to AC once a month, travels, loves Entourage (that crazy Ari!), and loves to party. Like can literally drink you under the table. She's like a hot female version of me. Except she's really pretty and has a much better personality than me. Ok...not at all like me. Anyway, this girls a ten. She's got the young, do-able Britney's smile complete with the dimples. Now if we can just find a way to get her into the Hit Me Baby outfit....hmmmmm. Seriously though...add all those things up (she knows sports, she parties like a rockstar, will watch Entourage with you, and has boobies, unlike Sullivan or my brother who I watch Entourage with) and you have one really good looking, really cool Hottie. And that's what this site is all about! Now take her advice, nerd! She put a lot of thought into it!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's the best way to win a Hottie's heart?

A: u know how to win a hotties heart... just be yourself!!! you can never pretend to be someone your not b/c once things start to heat up physically or emotionally the chemistry will fade as the two show their real selves!!! a boy will always win my heart if they can make me smile... whether it's making me laugh, having fun together, or just making me feel special, a smile goes a long way. a guy that will hear me vent about a long day at work or a friend that's being a bitch is pretty awesome too. and of course it doesn't hurt to have deep eyes and a sexy smile... i love nice teeth!!!i love a guy that has a mind of his own and will make decisions and challenge mine. i love when people bite back!!! and of course he'd need to party like me...he has to keep up with my lifestyle ;) Kimberly, your soooo lucky. I was dying to put up the Madonna picture. Especially cause I made the Britney reference. I figured you'd drive here from Jersey just to kick my ass.