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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You Gotta Fight...For Your Right...To Be A Hot--tie!

Today's hottie was referred to us by a good friend of local hotties. If you take a look at the pictures, you can find out who it was. We are letting her provide the write-up for our hottie, so if it's not as good as usual....don't blame us... haha j/k Marnee.



She asked me to write to you on her behalf...

You may find this Hottie Getting "TATS", doing karate,shopping or modeling!But, behind this gorgeous woman, is a great and beautiful MIND too!

She has always been attracted to men that inspire her biggest fan,and top friend, "Jason", who is a true gentleman and a great inspiration to all who know him!
She loves a great mind, and believes that a relationship should be not a 50/50 ...but a 100/100. How do you date a woman like this? You DONT...LOL...She's soo busy! This pro model is ALWAYS on the took us (Local Philly Hotties) MONTHS to track her down...with the help of course, from our dear friend in philly, Marnee the Cosmetic Magician..who does all of Janelles Make-up and Styling! Her fav and most recent photographers are BKG Digitial and Philly Snaps! Come meet this HOTTTTTTIE at The VBlazin Magazine/Marnee..The Cosmetic Magician Model Search 2007, September 8th at Fuzion Niteclub (at The Penthouse) 460 N.2nd Street, Philadelphia!

Janelle would like to ask for your generosity and philanthropic nature and please contribute to Jasons appearance (by plane) to come see her at the event. You may contact Jason on Janelle's behalf with your donation at

Thank you, in advance, for your kindness, and generosity, and Janelle hopes to meet YOU at the Model Search 2007!

Tip of the Day

Q: After I get a Hotties number, how long should I wait to call?

A: Stop playing games, guys! You call when you feel it's the right time to call. Stop playing around!