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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Never Trust A Big Butt And A Smile, That Girl's A Hottie!!


Now, I'm in no way saying this hottie has a big butt. BUTT she's got a great smile and a great butt...(clever play on words). Alicia comes to us from Jersey, but again, she parties (ALOT) in Philly, so odds are you can run into her. And if you frequent Hooters (for the wingies of course) then you'll definitely run into her. I like this hottie. No, no, no. I think I loooove this hottie. Low maintenence, will drink you under the table, and eff you up when you pass out. It's love at first sharpie-penis-on-the-face. Alicia's a self made woman who's lived on her own since she was 17, and works 3 jobs while attending Rutgers to be a Physical Therapist. She's also a Coors Light girl. (Even though Coors light is a pussy beer, I'd like to see her dressed up in the outfit.) The best thing this little Hottie told me...."Basically anything that scares me half to death i enjoy. " Niiiiiiice. But I don't think that means you walking up to her windows with a polaroid camera and a scream mask on your peanut shaped dome counts. And she parties...hard. She "desperately" wants a sailor...(jk) an adventure . She has skydiving and bungee jumping on top of her To-do list. Apparently, I'm a bigger wuss than her, because I won't even climb a ladder. My number three thing to do is to sing a Michael Bolton song at karaoke with a straight face. My number one includes this Hottie, ice cream, and a ferris wheel. Really, this Hottie's got a great head on her shoulders and good direction. Take her home to mom, or take her 20,000 feet in the air. Either way she'll be happy. And when Alicia's happy, We're happy.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest turn-on?

A: my biggest turn on would definately be when a guy has a lot of confidence and doesnt seem too eager to talk to me. I hate pickup lines with a passion so as soon as i feel like im trying to be picked up im instantly uninterested even if the guy is goodlooking. Its so much better when i meet someone who i can talk to about everything and nothing without worrying about him pushing himself on me. If you act like your not desperate (even if you are) i find myself more intrigued, and who knows i might even make the first move.

OHHHHHHHHH WOW. Robbie likey. Paulie V, this one's from your neck of the woods. Hook me up, son. Hook ME up....not you. ME. I'm selfish.


James said...

Big butt is a good thing, a big butt with a shape and side indentation,like a sculpture is a sight dreams are made of.A good smile adds to the beauty