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Friday, August 10, 2007

Save A Horse, Ride A Hottie!


Philly's back with a vengeance. This hottie grew up in the Downingtown but moved to Philly and is now pursuing an acting career. You can find her starring in Tony N' Tina's Wedding in Atlantic City. I mean this girl hass classic beauty. She reminds me of the chick from NYPD...ummm Kim Delaney (thanks IMDB). Weird enough..she grew up in Philly too. Anyway, it's that beauty that you know doesn't fade. Like when someone tattoos "BallBag" on your forehead in permanent marker.(Which apparently makes the artist "juvenile") Liz has the common trait that bonds most of our hotties together. She can party. I guess you better know how to party if you work in AC. I'm not too sure if Liz we'll drink you under the table, but she's alot of fun to have around when your wasted! That's bonus points in my book! This hottie has gorgeous eyes and a smile to match. Needless to say, I'm a fan. I like the way describes herself. It's much more poetic. I''m a moron. Honestly, I just rezlied that it all rhymes. I should really start paying attention. A.D.D, you've fooled me again!

pRofeSsiOnaL rOcKsTaR* It took a while to understand the beauty of just letting go...*Im an actress and im crazy* Im a...pair of steve madden's*a holey pair of jeans*cheap sunglasses*love about anything*I want a piece of chocolate*take me to a movie*can't find a thing to wear*now and then im moody*car w/ a sunroof*my brown hair blowin'*a soft place to land*a good feeling knowing*a warm wouldn't miss for nothin*a fighter when Im mad*a lover when im loving*a Saturday out on the town*a church girl on Sunday*a cross around my neck*a cuss word cause it's monday*a bubble bath and candles*"baby, come and kiss me"*one glass of wine...and Im feelin' kinda tipsy*the giver you wish you could be*the stealer of the covers*the hand you'll be holding when your on your knees and prayin'*the answer to your prayer*the song that you're playin'*...get my friendships, lovin', and money on the run...and yes I would like a side of coffee with that as well...thanks

Tip of the Day

Q:Whats your biggest turn on?

A:haha...i Love that your title was "howdy"..b/c your question "what is your biggest turn on" has a lot to do with my reply. My biggest turn on is a country boy. A guy that drives a pickup truck and knows a way into a girls heart with not his "corporate" day in day out job...but a MAN who makes money with his hands. A guy who knows his way into a womans heart by saving his pretty pennies (yes a madonna quote) to earn the "love" of his "interest". I have grown up with "corporate america" via my own family and in chester county...outside of im sick of the boring business suits... so for me, it takes a "howdy" and "hee-haw" and a cowboy hat to turn me on.