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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Now All I Really Want Is Girls! Cuz In The Evening It's Girls!!!


Our hottie, today hails from the Dirty Jerz. Shes a former dance teacher/choreographer who still likes to get dirty in the club. When shes not tearing it up you can find her writing for So, when your Vanilla Ice ass can't keep up with her on the dance floor....expect a nice little article about yourself on that site....jk. She can drop names like the best of 'em and don't be surprised if you see her working her way out to Hollywood. O yeah, this hottie has a real nice and big.......SMILE!!! Finally, if you need an event planned...maybe like us soon...shes the girl to talk to. Remember one thing...just learn how to dance white boy.

Tip of the Day
Q: How does a guy stay out of the friends zone??
A: You say he's just a friend? I've heard that one too many times! The sad part is that the "friend" is usually the best choice for a significant other and he gets thrown away like a piece of chewed gum! Look, we all want what we can't have, right? So my best advice is to be yourself, but don't make yourself so readily available so that you are at her beckon call constantly. Keep her guessing, but don't be a jerk. Just do not be over-the-top ooey-gooey and ga-ga. Not at first. Save that stuff for a couple months down the road! *wink
Don't wear the dress...and you might stand a chance.