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Friday, August 17, 2007

Come On Feel The Noise...Hotties Rock Your Boys! We'll Get WILD! WILD! WILD!


This one's gonna be a little different today folks. Something sparked in my mind last night (it was Olsen twins related). Remember the sites that had the countdown for their 18th birthday. Well, we found a new hottie, who is on the verge of legality. Although, I'm sure shes been roughed up by the suspect a few times already. ONLY 4 days left until this young hottie hits the Big 1-8. O man... well enjoy the pictures of here. Just don't do anything dumb for the next 3 full days and you are money....I know what you were thinking.


This hottie comes to us from the Philly area. I was talking with her last night, but she had to run out and party. So, I am gonna throw on this hottie's worst date as well as another. Background info is very tough to come by apparently. Moral of the story for this one. If blackout ensues.... you probably never had a shot in the first place. Sorry bro.

Tip of the Day

Q: What was your worst dating experience?

A: Well I met this guy when I got really drunk at a bar. I talked to him a few times n he seemed nice so I figured I would go on a date w him. He picks me up n as soon as I get in the car I wanted to cry...he was so ugly. But I gave him a chance neway. The whole date was awkward n he was a weirdo. When he got me home he went to kiss me n I told him no. So he decided to flip out n act psychotic. Never again will I go out w someone I don't remember!!

This hottie comes to us from Doylestown...and is a party-er as well. During the day you can find her working at a Healthcare company. After work....head down to Citizens Bank park, you might be able to land yourself this hottie.

Tip of the Day
Q: What was your worst dating experience?
A: I was asked to go on a date by a guy and said yes. We were going minature golfing. As we were on the way he told me I have 2 free passes. We can either get ice cream or go mini golfing, but not both. Needless to say, I had him turn around and drive me home.
So, I'm trying to figure out what was going through his head before he left his house. Now I know it was....what cartoon and am I gonna watch in my basement by myself tonight... ALONE VERY ALONE!!!
Hope you liked the changeup.


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