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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hottie...Put It On The Floor! Philly..Put It On The Floor!!

Jenna Nicole

Here it goes... My name is Jenna Nicole and I am a recent graduate from Hofstra University in Long Island. I am currently bartending at PorkysNyc while I plan on attending graduate school at Montclair State University for my Masters in Speech Pathology. I am also looking for a part-time job to take up my time.I work hard all the time but, I party even harder. In college I was part of the sorority Tri-Sigma and we were the hottest girls on campus! I miss all of them so much! I love house music and I often find it liberating to dance to. I have spent most of my summer down at the Jersey Shore at Dijas & Bar A. I love my family very much and my mother is my hero. I love drinking Stoli-blueberry and Sprite and you wont find me with anything else but that in my hand. I love my friends very much and I can sometimes be a lot to handle. xoxoxoxo

Jenna Nicole

Tip of the Day

Q: After I get a Hotties number, how long should I wait to call?

A: After a guy gets my number I often like it if he calls me the next day. I usually hate talking on my cell phone so a conversation via text message is usually how I start talking to someone. I hate people who call me all day and all night as if they were my parent so any guy who does that I automatically avoid picking up for and most of the time delete. I like a guy to offer to take me out on a date rather then just meet at a bar. I usually chicken out of a first date because sometimes I can often be shy. Any guy who is really interested will find ways to get to know me and possibly even show up to places I hang out. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo