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Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Hooters Girl, It's Your Birthday, We Gonna Party Like It Your Birthday


How special is todays post? Its' Maries birthday...woohoooo! Happy Birthday, Dear Hottie. Now when describing Marie, I think the most important factor is the one you can't really see through the's a down to earth, girl next door, life of the party quality that no modeling pictures, or make up artists can create. Marie has the intangible that we've been searching for. This Philly born hottie is currently up at State College, making all the Nittany Lion fans drool all over themselves. Well, it's either her or the sauce on the breaded hot wings....but the sauce isn't terribly hot unless your a pansy, so it must be the gorgeous Marie, and definitely not the PSU fans mild retardation.

There's this unwritten rule in my family, that every time we go to a Hooters, the ugliest waitress immediately points us out and exclaims, "Yo, theys mines." I never ever ever get the hot waitress like Marie. Which sucks, cause, you know, if I'm there for the girls, I really want Marie as my waitress, not recovering crack addict Carrie. Marie isn't only the next pretty face to deliver your wings though. She also works as a shot girl at a nightclub in State College and has done promotional work for Bacardi. Mmmmm, Rum. When Marie isn't out slangin various liquors and hot wings, she spends a lot of her free time learning to be a DJ. Here's a tip Marie...whenever the party is starting to slow down and needs a Bell Biv Divoe's "Poison". Gets em everytime. I'm really digging the girl next door face, on the hottie from the gym body. When you look at the face your immediately drawn to the innocent, unsuspecting ultra-cutie, then your eyes slowly go downward and your kicked in the face by a "Holy Hell" package. I mean, just look at the stems on this hottie. So fellas, raise a shot in one hand and a wing in the other, and help us toast this hottie on her birthday. Yes, I realize that means there's no "free" hand there, but it's ok to leave it alone once in a don't wanna go blind, y'know. So Marie, here's to you and your hotness, on your birthday.....and an awkward hi-five to your mom and know....having you.

Tip of the Day

Q: Marie, what's your best piece of dating advice for all the guys in Philly?

A: Hmmm my best advice for single guys... Would have to be for them to be themselves and not put on a front to "get the girl". There is nothing that bothers me more than men that Put on a show or tell me what they think I want to hear. Most pick up lines are lame. And when your trying hard to be something that your not it shows. Most women crave honesty. So I would have to tell all the single men out there to just be themselves and stop trying so hard to impress the opposite sex..

......but sometimes, Marie, I just reaaaaally wanna lie.


GARYM said...

My God, the most beautiful woman i've ever seen!!!!

GARYM in State College