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Friday, June 20, 2008

Ashley Drew...Girls With Dual Names Are always Hot

Ashley Drew

Why do Happy Hours turn into shitty mornings?? I'm in such bad shape this morning. Head hurts...eyes are red. I'm outta cash, and my mouth feels like I'm eating cotton balls. Then I go to put up pictures of todays hottie and I'm like, "What the shit? Are there two of her?" I'm so confused...still drunk, and all I want is my bed. This girls one of a kind...gorgeous smile, twin sister...and smart enough to know that her looks won't last forever...or will they? I don't know. Ashley Drew, I need a picture of your mom. When in doubt, look at the mother. If she's pretty, you've got a keeper. Ashley Drew, tell us why your a keeper!

My name is Ashley Drew...and yes I go by Ashley Drew. Theres a million and 1 Ashleys in the world, but theres only one Ashley Drew. Its different, like my life. I'm no ordinary girl, never to be confused with anyone besides my identical twin sister, Lindsey. But were night and day, and I'm the night part. I graduated college in 2007, but right now I'm a 23 yr old bartender @ Whiskey Bar in Hoboken and @ Merge in Seaside Heights. I'll eventually do something with my degree, but you cant use your personality and looks when your like why not do it now and make money? ... I have an odd outlook on life and I live every single day like its my last. I never take life for granted. I love my life, and call me conceited if you want to... but I have fun. You can always catch me with a smile on my face, and I guaranteee you'll never see a tear come out of me. Im just all about a good time.

This is a stark contrast from yesterdays girl...Ashley may be hot, and may be conceited, as she says, but shit, she relizes she's 23 and now is the time to live it up. Now if she's 30 and still doin it, then we may have a problem. I'm kinda the same in the moment....I've got 50 years to act like I'm 50 so today im rockin out with my ....anywho. Lovely Ashely...I've never been to seaside heights, but I'll definitely be making a trip this summer. Ahh shit my head hurts. You know what pisses me off more than that there's basically two of her, and I'll probably never meet one of them. She's also a sorority girl, so I'm sure she knows how to have a good time. Those girls can always throw a good party.

Tip of the Day

Q: Ashley Drew, what's your best piece of dating advice for all the shy guys out there in Philly?

A: My best piece of dating advice would just be to be yourself. And if you want to go hit on a girl, make sure your not too belig. (beligerant) before you make a fool out of yourself. I dont usually date shy guys cause i'm pretty outgoing. But cut the shy act. And grow a pair. Thats my advice haha.

Grow a pair she says.


ashthink said...

you are not the only one named Ashley Drew....FYI

kweenxlette said...

Yup, not the only Ashley Drew. That's my name too.

Ashley said...

another one here.