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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're The Best Around, Nothin's Gonna Ever Keep You Down!

Heather Mae

Today we step into a different sort of hottie world today. I'm bringing you Heather Mae, a 28 year old hottie from Philly (WOW! An actual Philly girl!). Heather Mae is a bartender at Bootleggers and Whiskey Tango, and seriously loves her hard rock music. She even books the original bands at Bootleggers! I'm not sure if Heather can play the gee-tar, or if she just knows she looks hot holding one, but apparently she can sing! Wait, fellas, pull your pants back up, this hotties taken. I know, I know...I'm heartbroken too.

But you're probably asking yourself, "Why would he ask a married hottie for dating advice?" Well, shit, son. She looks mildly like Anna Kournikovaa (minus the Moled Mexican) and she's a bartender at two very busy bars. She sees the interaction between male and female on a daily basis. She see what works for guys and, more importantly, what doesn't work for guys. Plus, being married doesn't mean she's not hot. Plus since she's a bartender, it's not unusual to find gorgeous women doing body shots off of her belly. Before you flatten out your crinkled stripper dollar bills, fellas, she really only lets women do them off her, but you can still watch! Heather also has a degree in computer animation from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, so she can probably make cartoon when you see Homer and, fill in the blanks. I've had my eye on Heather for this site for a while, and finally decided to pull the trigger....enjoy fellas. This hotties got good advice, and good drinks to dish out, so hit up her bars and tip her generously.

Tip of the Day

Q: Heather Mae, what can you tell a shy guy to kickstart his love life in Philly?

A: Advice for the shy guys in Philly. Being in the bar scene I see a lot of every type of men. The shy ones that just sit there and drink their beer and don't talk to anyone are the guys that all the girls think are either "taken" or "Not interested." If you see a pretty girl and she gives you the friendly smile, why not just walk up to her and ask for her name? The worst that will possibly happen is she tells you and than walks away. Yes, I know that might suck but what if she talks to you all night and you make a love connection? If you didn't muster up the courage to say "hello" than you will NEVER know what could have happened. You only have one life, if you don't take chances and and try new things, you will spend the rest of your life wondering, "What if!"


Anonymous said...

Listen to what she says guys. Heather knows it all, seen it all, done it all. She's beyond hot too and the best kisser in the world!
Love you baby,

Anonymous said...

Don't let her innocence fool you... Take her advice and use it well. I know I sure did. This rock star beauty queen is not only the booze ninja but is one of the best on dating advice... use it or you will regret not meeting the right one for you :)

Love you pretty lady

Anonymous said...

Thanks Guys! Your love and Support mean so much to me!

Kimberlai said...

I am another person to attest to Heather's great dating advise..[she's not bad for a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to either] haha.
She really does know what she is talking guys listen up, cause you never know who you could meet! Love && Kisses- Kimberlai

diggdogg said...

wow, great advice Heather from Bootleggers, who books the original acts there........And YES, I'm still interested in doin' the bad ass, funked out, solo acoustic set for you.....Rage On!....your buddy, Diggity >;D