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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Locaaaaaal Hotties...Happy Birthday To You!


Well, well, well....we made it our first full year. We'll have a special Sunday post coming to formally celebrate our birthday! Stay tuned for that. Honestly, I'm not shocked we made it a year, I'm shocked it was so tough at times. Anyway, on to G. This twenty something hottie comes to us from Pheonixville, but can be found often in the city hangin out...She's also friends with like 5 of our past hotties, which I had no idea about. Another interesting little fact about this hottie....5'4! That's Tiny, but that's how we like em! Ahhh, G, tell why your leathers so soft...

I seek perfection where I perceive its most conspicuously absent, in my work and in people.
I am extremely trustworthy, impeccably honest and straightforward, sincere, loyal, courteous, diplomatic and exceedingly reliable.
I love meeting new people all around the world!
I enjoy going to the beach and just watching the sun set or rise!
I am creative and artistic with everything I do or make!

Pretty interesting...this beauty is also into photography, having taken some pictures of friends and family. They're pretty good actually. She could be a double threat, like PeeWee Herman. G will be on both sides of the camera while Peewee is on both sides of the closet. I know I say I love the hotties' smile's a lot....but G has a killer. It looks like she just heard a joke about you, but won't tell you what it is. Whatever it is, I like it. She's pretty intellectual which is probably the reason I'm struggling to write today. I'm a dunce. Anyway, she's got some unique advice comin at ya. Lap it up, suckas...

Tip of the Day

Q: G, what's it take to impress a woman like you?
A: My best piece of dating advise for men out there is:Just remember treating a woman that you've just met as if she very well could be the love of your life is something you should NEVER do! You don't want to scare her away and trust me I know off hand.....because it happens to me!


Spawn said...

Hi! Happy Birthday...Can I ask a question if you mind...Why are you so beautiful??