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Monday, June 16, 2008

Interesting Fact: This Hottie Wants To Play The Harp

Eryca Noemi

Wow....what a beauty we have for you today. No lie....she's a multi ethnic mix of Colombian, Puerto Rican, and Native American. At first I couldn't tell if she as black or white. Not that it matters, but when your explaining somone it could help to know a little about them. Eryca Noemi is a 19 year old hottie from Philly, but she's looking to had out to LA. (Pleeaaase don't go!) She's a model, singer, actress, and all around Renaissance woman. She sings and writes her own songs. I don;t have too much info about her, but I wanted to throw her up on our page as soon as possible. She reminds me a little of Eva Longoria, without the French douchey basketball player on her arm. Eryca Noemi reminds me of an old soul...the kind who listens to Frank Sinatra and has a collection of records in her place. not like the Grateful Dead albums, but stuff like Ella Fitzgerald and Minnie Ripperton. She looks like she coulda hung out in the 50's and just smoked cigs, drank scotch, and been a name we would remember forever. I'm lovin the look though...I had to get her up on these pages ASAP. Plus her advice is pretty it

Tip of the Day

Q: Eryca, what should a guy do to impress a lovely woman like you?

A: Be sincere with words and how you say them. Don't bullshit because the good girls can always tell. Please do not refer to yourself as a pimp, because pimps date hoes and your not looking for a hoe now are you? Being aggressive right away is always a red flag for us. What wins me over everytime is a sense a humor, being able to laugh at yourself, and also being intelligent. It is such a turn on for me. If you have a lot of knowledge about different subjects that can always keep the conversation flowing then we got ourselves a winner. And yea yea guys really do not like to "talk" they want to get right down to it. But that is it right there, being selfish and that is why you are single. Think about us and show interest and you'll go far, I promise.