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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Got A Shotgun Rifle And A Four Wheel Drive, A Country Girl Can Survive!

Glamazon V

Ladies and gentlefellows, allow me to introduce to you the lovely and exotic Glamazon V. When I first read her name I thought...what the hell is a Glamazon. I googled, I wikipedia'd, I called my brother, I called his girlfriend, I called your one knew. Oh, am I lucky I found out. The Glamazon V is a unique individual which is indigenous to the state of Pennsylvania. Typically sporting a blonde mane, which may change to brown during the spring to summer months, the Glamazon V stands over 6 feet tall, and has strikingly attractive features. The high cheek bones, and chin dimple, suggest a definite modeling background...from bike shows, to promotional modeling, and above and and runway maybe?

The Glamazon isn't your typical model type. The hobbies of the Glamazon include fishing and 4 wheelers! She can live off the land like Hank Williams, Jr. once sang, and has no problem admitting that she's a total tree nerd. Careful though, with the Glamazon's technically redneck-y hobbies, this species can be decidedly upscale, too, almost like a chameleon to her environment. She enjoy fine dining and vodka drinks, fellas. So splurge for the Grey Goose, and sit down and talk bow hunting....The Glamazon is one exceptional woman. But tread carefully.....we haven't yet figured out if she mate's like the Praying Mantis.

Tip of the Day

Q: Glamazon V, how do us shy guys impress a woman like yourself?

A: SHY GUYS- WHY ARE YOU SHY...YOU LIVE ONCE. but if you cant break it we understand...most girls just need a que and once its recieved we either accept or walk away. be humble always, but bold. no matter what be yourself. it comes out later anyways. treat a girl like lady and that doesnt mean buy her all the vodka in the world. i hate meeting guys at the bar but im out alot so when this happens i drink one drink with him and then if im not asked out for a sober conversation i jet. so make it known you want to see her again...quality time. :) keep it full and interesting!


angie717 said...

u go girl! i went to school with v and she is both an amazing and caring person!!