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Friday, June 6, 2008

She Call Me Local Hotties, Baby, And I Make Sure She Say That..Ha!


When I looked at Anna's profile, I thought, definitely a good looking girl....she was extremely receptive to doing our site, but didn't have enough pictures of herself. This made Rob B. Fresh sad. Then Rob B. Fresh came up with a good idea. Talk about yourself in the third person, and see if Anna can do an impromptu photoshoot for the site. And guess what, pimpin'? She did. I saw the pictures, and was immediately blown away by what she calls her "naughty" pics. There's nothing better than a hottie who can do naughty and nice equally well. This 23 year old hottie can be found bartending in the city, where you ask?? Well, read on sucknuts!

My name is Anna and I am a bartender at a bar/restaurant in Center City called Time. I am a huge animal lover and a vegetarian. I love to go out and I love wine and good beer. I will listen to just about anything except for country but prefer house and trance music. My background is Russian and Armenian and I speak fluent Russian. I am originally from Lancaster and no I am not Amish :)

Now, I've never been to Time, but I definitely will go...for two reasons: Anna and the Absinthe. YES! They serve Absinthe. So as Anna says, "Come on out and get silly with the Green Fairy!" The green fairy obviously isn't your buddy when he's about to puke, but rather the effect when you drink absinthe. Also since Anna speaks Russian, I may have to have her come over to my house and eavesdrop on my neighbors. I'm 95% sure their Russian Mafia, but I just can't prove it. Maybe I'm better off not knowing. When planning a date with Anna, do NOT take her to Outback steakhouse, dickie. (First of all, if you take a first date to Outback, please immediately kill yourself) Rather maybe, Saladworks? Where the fuck do you take a vegetarian to eat? Anna is smokin hot on that tiny little frame. That's like a bonus package right there. Hot and fun, and will drown your sorrows away in Absinthe. Besides her look and other fave (gay word) thing about Anna is the quote she lives by...."I love to get YOU drunk" We're a match made in AA heaven.

Tip of the Day

Q: Killa V, tell 'em what it takes to land a hottie like yourself!

A: Best dating advice... Always go on a second date. Remember, some women tend to be nervous on first dates and this could result in a poor representation of their real character. I have dated guys that I HATED on my first date and ended up loving them the more I got to know them...

Good, cause I make dick jokes when I'm nervous... and I fidget. So on the second date expect less dick jokes, and more sophisticated potty humor that is sure to win you over.


Roo said...

I\\\'d hit that so hard whoever could pull me out would be the new king of England!!