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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey Hottie, Heard Your Bringin My Name Up!


Wow...Phils tore the Sawks a new one last nite huh? Good to see Howard come alive! Look what I got today! This girl's been on our radar for a while...then I went to the Wired 96 concert, and some rapper with a Transformer (Optimus Prime) chain pulled some girls onto the stage. I'm like "Yo, I know that girl from somewhere, I think she was a hottie of the day!" Nope. She wasn't cause like Charles Barkley, I'm a dumbass. I slept on this one, and I apologize. Beautiful smile on a skinny body...that's always a good combo. This 21 year old hottie comes to us from the Warminster area...but I'll let her tell it.

well im 21 about to be 22 in July! I work as a receptionist at an executive office and go to school part time studying to be an ultra sound tech. I love to go out and have a good time with my girls and meet new people. Im always down to try out new bars and clubs

You can catch her hitting up the local bars, and all the hot spots in the city...VERSATILE!!! You gotta love a hottie who can go out for a game of pool, or get all done up and head to a club. I'm literally pissed off that for as much time as I spend in the Warminster area, I've never once come across this hottie, or any looking like her. Mostly I find Mullets and Budweiser cans. But to each his own, right? Jaxx has also been a promotional model all over the city, so you may even have seen her at numerous events. So read the advice, and I'm sure you'll be glancing over the pictures with the fervor of a pedophile on a 3 day drinking binge. Enjoy, fellas.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your advice for all the shy guys in Philly, Jaxx?
A: My advice for shy guys is shy is cute but girls like a guy who takes charge or maybe thats just me haha! Be courageous step outta your shell and try something new. Dont be afraid to talk to a girl and ask her out, girls like when a guy approaches her.