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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

Sex between me and my girlfriend, has not been the same for some time. I don't know what it is. I still think she is beautiful and I love her. I haven't really cheated. I text other girls that I know and we flirt, but that's as far as it has gone. The other night, we were having sex and she said another guys name and started laughing about it. I didn't think it was funny. I asked her who the guy is and she said she never dated any guy named Matt. That's why she thought it was funny because she had no idea where it came from. I can't stop thinking about it. She swears there is no one else and hasn't cheated. She is a really good girl. WTF? Do you think she is telling the truth? I really don't know how to deal with this and I can't tell my friends because they will brutalize me.

- "Matt, I mean Paul"

Dear "Matt, I mean Paul"

Sorry, I couldn't pass on the funny! Getting down to business, you say you "haven't really cheated?" I love text sex and flirting as much as the next person. It's entertaining, hot and ego boosting. Let's face it, text sex is cheating on the minor degree. If the person who loves you ever found out, they would be really hurt and confused. Maybe you don't have any intentions to follow through with anything right now, but eventually all that shit talking in text will build into something. So now that your lady has called out another man's name in the bedroom, you're upset. By her laughing reaction, I'm going to guess that it's really nothing or she really hate's you. If the sex was not as great as you say, maybe she was focused on a famous person named Matt? Johnny Depp has gotten me through a few, long, on-going encounters. I would die laughing if I ever yelled out "Oh, Johnny!" Seriously, if she was doing something, her reaction would have been more suspicious. I think that you need to evaluate your behavior and why you are so suspicious. Maybe you shouldn't ask questions until you are ready to come clean? You really need to figure out what this relationship means to you and decide how to proceed. Good luck!
Atomic Bombshell

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