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Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Shannon Lynn From NBC Dateline, Would You Have A Seat?

Shannon Lynn

Oh my....what we've got for you today is like a female Renaissance woman. There is nothing ...literally nothing..that this 19 year can't or doesn't do. Shannon Lynn is like a female James Bond. I'm not gonna say much about this hottie....she does a good job explaining herself. But seriously, look at the whole package, its un-effin-believable. I'm in awe. Shannon..take it away.

My name is Shannon. I'm 19 and while I consider myself a normal girl, I always seem to contradict myself. I'm far from being normal and thats okay. I'm currently doing online schooling with Penn State for Criminal Justice in hopes of working with the NSA (National Security Administration) doing Investigative Intelligence and Cybercrime. I would go and enjoy the actual college experience if I had the time, but it seems like the only experience I get from that is the workload, and the only time I get is enough to catch a few hours of sleep I've been deprived from. It's okay. I'm used to it, and I'd rather be busy than sitting around looking for something to entertain me. I love what I do and wouldn't change anything about it. You can find me either working, at a photoshoot, working with my record label on my debut CD which is still in the works (no worries guys, keep your eyes.. or should I say ears open, you'll be hearing me soon enough!) or hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. I'm an active girl and very adventurous. I'd rather go extreme mountain climbing rather than stay at home and watch a movie. Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy my downtime! It's hard finding someone to keep up with me, but I've been lucky enough to be able to. Like any girl, I love shopping, dancing, and just making a complete ass out of myself. It's what I do best.

Oh, and one more thing.. Ravens and Texas Longhorns kick ass =)

Motherf----.....this hottie was goddamn near perfect than she said it.....Ravens kick ass. Unreal. For the first time ever I'll briefly booooo a hottie. Boooooo. Ok, now she also wants to be in the NSA and cybercrimes, huh? So really she's not like a female James Bond, she's like a female Chris Hansen. You know the guy..."So if you didn't plan to have sex with her, why bring the wine coolers and condoms, sir?" Busted! Not only does she wanna rid the world of online stalkers (Stop the Douchebaggery!), but she can also since and dance, and look extremely hot while doing it....Finally check out the advice from Shannon Lynn aka The Body, it's well thought out, and informative.

Tip of the Day

Q: Shannon Lynn, Tell us what it takes to get a woman like you?

A: So you're a single guy and you're looking for a potential girl, but you're just not having the kind of luck that you want. Perhaps you are the sweetest guy in the world and you can't get that girl you've been dying to talk to, or maybe you come off as tough and think you can get anything that walks by you..regardless of whatever you may come off as, the best person to be is yourself. If you are anything but that, we will pick it up right away, and turn around as if you never said a word. Body language can tell a lot. Be comfortable in yourself and confident. If you can't be yourself, what makes you think we want to be with someone who is going to change on us once we get to know them? You've got to be honest and accept who you are before you can attempt to find someone who you expect to love you for you. Lying is the worst thing you can do.

Next, if we're going to take the extra time to look good for you. We expect the same in return. Get a shower (and yes, that does include washing your hair), brush your teeth, shave, and wear something that doesnt look like a hand-me-down from your dad that he wore in the 70's. Put on some jeans and a nice shirt.. and please, please...not something that is 10 sizes too big that makes you look like nothing but an idiot. One more thing.. the added touch of cologne can make a girl remember you even if she can't remember anything else.

Girls like attention, so give us attention, however, before I go further, let me explain what I mean. The attention we want is not the "I want in your pants" kind. If you are interested in a girl, show her you are interested. Do not, I repeat, do not try and get our attention by yelling "hey shorty" as we are walking by, or making some obscene comment. Walk up to us, say hi, and introduce yourself. Taking the time to do that tells us that you're truly interested instead of the thought of just being another "piece of ass" to you. Tell us what sparked your attention and ask more about us. Girls love talking about themselves, and once we feel more comfortable that you're really into us instead of into what we've got under our jeans, then we'll be more willing to open up and find more about you.

Lastly, if we're not interested, then we're just not interested. Don't fret over it, simply move on. Find a girl who is interested in you just as much as you are in her and is going to accept you for who you are. After all, you dont want to be with someone who is going to try and change everything about you, right? Look at it like that, not as rejection. It's going to happen at some point. It may not even be your fault. Sometimes two people just dont mix well together, and thats perfectly fine. If that happens to be, dont push the issue. However, if you stalk and annoy us, we'll only tell our friends about you, and that blows your chances with more potential girls and we know you dont want that! haha