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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She's My American Girl


With all the bickering going on back and forth about the war, and why we're out there, if it's right, and what's sometimes easy to forget that the people over there fighting aren't just soldiers. They're brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, boyfriend, wife, family....and it very well could be your family. So regardless of your thoughts on the war if you read this often, you know we're not gonna have any political banter), sometimes we just have to sit back and thank the soldiers who are fighting for us. Those who risk life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just so we don't have to. Stephanie's fiancee is in the Army and is currently in Iraq. Here's hoping we can make one soldier's day just by saying thank you.....

My name is Stephanie, I was born in Philly and raised in the surrounding area. I am the sensitive, layed back, artistic Pisces that everyone turns to for advice. Currently, I am out of school but I will eventually be going back for an education in Children's Psychology. I believe that every child is a miracle. I am a very passionate and outspoken person when I am speaking of something I truly believe in. My life is hectic. While my parents have been divorced my entire life, I am not jaded by it. I am a hopeless romantic! Don't take that as a weakness. I'm engaged to a deployed US Army Soldier, and proud of it. I completely believe that it takes a very strong woman to be capable enough to handle all that loving a soldier entails. I am the least jealous person you will ever meet, I see nothing wrong w/ my man going to the strip club("get a lap dance for me Baby"). I have a higher than average IQ(137), which shocks a lot of people because beauty is not normally associated w/ brains. I am talented in singing and writing poetry and lyrics, which I absolutely love doing. I am the life of the club/ party/ room ...etc... I love to dance. I love to get everyone laughing and loosened up. I like to make everyone feel comfortable. Words to live by: Laughter is the best medicine, and when we can laugh at ourselves we are free.

"Get a lapdance for me, baby" Hotter words have never been spoken. This Bensalem hottie is the life of the party and can make any dull event a good one. Her higher than average IQ adds some brains to the beauty. Inside and out, this is a beautiful woman. She does a great job describing herself, and claims to live the life of a true pisces. So as I said, I'm not here to banter about your thoughts on the war, but take some time out of your day to realize that there are family members fighting over there. They've made a sacrifice that most aren't brave enough to accept. So, fellas, thanks again. Here's to hoping we could make one soldier's day a little brighter.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for the men in Philly?

A: Completely disreguard the cliche "every girl likes a bad boy". It's completely false. Those "bad boys" seem to be the ones w/ all of the confidence. We dont go for their appearance, we go for their presense; the way they carry themselves. We want a guy that is comfortable enough around us to be himself and we want to feel protected and comforted. We are people too and have feelings and insecurities just as you do. When on a date or just approaching a woman it is just as uncomfortable and nerve wracking for us. Remember that and JUST RELAX! Awkwardness is not attractive. The more uncomfortable you are the more uncomfortable we will be. Show your confident side w/o being obnoxious(while some women may be attracted to them, the majority of us hate obnoxious/cocky men- most commonly refered to as "the cocky-asshole"). Take a deep breath and remember, appearance has nothing to do w/ it, it's all in the attitude baby!!