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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cause I Remember, Girl, I Was The One Who Said Put Your Lips Like This


Looks like our good ole' Phils aren't as good as we all thought, huh? they certainly didn;t look like a championship caliber team this weekend. When put up against a championship caliber team, they collectively shit their pants. Onto todays hottie. I'm sticking to Bucks County today. Heaven is a 25 year old woman come from, I think, Langhorne. Once again, I'm in Langhorne a lot, and the only place I ever see girls who look like this is outside Forever 21. I've known people to sit there and actually just enjoy the scenery while their girlfriend shops. Besides having a cool name, Heaven's got some pretty unique hobbies....Don't believe (i before e, except after c) me?

Well, my name is Heaven. I'm a free-lance portrait artist and art framer. I enjoy painting/illustrating, reading, listening to music, singing, collecting, and personal fitness..among other things. I'm friendly for the most part, but my main focus in life is my fiancee and living to fullest of my capacity. I dislike nonsense and immaturity. I say it like it is and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. My decisions have gotten me this far and quite frankly, I like it that way.

I've always liked the artsy type of girl. Having a sense of creativity is such a plus. Heaven really is gorgeous. She resembles someone, but I can't figure out who....and it's gonna bother me. Leave a comment with your ideas. She dislikes non sense and immaturity, so I'm immediately out of the picture, but here's how you can stay in it....

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your very best piece of dating advice, Heaven?

A: My piece of advice to men out there is, just be yourself. Genuinity is what women appreciate. Acting like a darn fool with their one liners and compliment of "ur hott" is the biggest turn off. Sincerity will you get far. And definitely, don't go after women who you know are way out of your league. They always end up being uneducated, egostistical Barbie dolls. Search for the real woman.

Here's my only issue with this advice. The whole point of this site is to learn how to attract women "out of my league". Not only the hot, egotistical Barbie Doll, but also the intelligent, sophisticated vixen. If I wanted a bunch of 3's, I'd just start a site called "". They are a dime a dozen. Insensitive? Sure. But it's the truth. I want a ten, only I'm NOT a ten, and most guys aren't. So how can we get a leg up? How do we approach the women who are tens without seemy douchey or out of their league. Heaven's advice is valuable. Be yourself. It's a typical theme we have here on the advice column. So I'll give it a shot.