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Monday, June 2, 2008

So Come Here Hottie, Giiiiirl, Your Now F@ckin' With The Best In The Woooorld


So, ummm. yeah, Happy Monday,. Birthdays absolutely blow anymore. The only fun part about them is that you can convince your friends it's your b-day so they have to buy you drinks. Other than that, I'm giving up on them. Today we've got the extremely beautiful Denneen. I honestly wish I had an excuse as to why we haven't had her on earlier....I've just slacked on her. She's another Jersey girl...and after this weekend, I'm done ever driving in Jersey, Those jughandles are retarded. At one light near Medford, I was actually allowed to make a left, but then in order to get back on that road, it was like a giant cluster of shit. Screw you Jersey! But thanks for Denneen.

Well my name Denneen comes from the beginning of my fathers name DENNis and the ending of my mother's kathlEEN, and to top it off I was born on my father's b-day. I work for a builder, doing CADD (Architectural Drafting) and at a bar called Jersey's. Hobbies include, going to the gym, taking care of my two doggies (black lab named Jewel, and a Rott named Skylla) and i guess going out with the girls for some drinks.

Yeah, her girls are hot, too. Lemme tell ya my bartender theory on why they'd make good girlfriends. Obviously we here at Local Hotties like to throw back a few, shocker right? But the bartender girlfriend is cool with that cause she's seen it all when it comes to drinking. She's seen dudes passed out on the bar, puking, enjoying puking, and making fun of their puking friends... Sullivan!!!!!! Denneen is hot, she's got that certain quality that you can't put your finger on, although you'd really like to put more than just a finger on her. You can tell she's fun, and most importantly, she's got a lot of girlfriends. NEVER trust a woman with no girlfriends! Why? I don't know, but in general it seems to be a good rule. Maybe it's like a confidence thing..she just knows she looks good, or doesn't really care if you think she's hot anyway. Anyway, sit back...listen to this hotties advice, and enjoy the pictures...Thank, Denneen.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all us Philly guys??

A: Advice on dating.. ha ha.. Try to find a guy that you can be truly yourself with, that u blab about to your friends, that makes you smile so much your cheeks hurt, and you dream about spending a whole day in bed with. ha ha.. ya, at least thats what I'm looking for...

So as I went to post this, i realized this advice is kinda for women, but take from it what you will. Be yourself, make her dream about spending a day in bed with you...not like hungover chillin, but you know, like, ummm, doin stuff (insert Butthead laugh here)