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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Straight Up Now Tell Me Is It Gonna Be You And Me Forever...(oh-oh-oh)


Welp, I'm a student again...for the first time in a few years, and boy, is that shit weird. First day jitters, and school shopping (Oh, what do I wear?) filled my mind last night. And it went off today without a hitch. Now let's see if I can make it through a 3 and half hour class. 3 and a half hours (!!!) of accounting. Luckily, I've got internet on my phone, so I can browse the lovely Jessica while I'm in class, and think of ways to put her dating advice to work. This 21 year old hottie has a bright future ahead of her. Let's hear what she has to offer.....

My name is Jessica and I'm 21 years old. I'm originally from Phoenixville, PA, and lived in Philly or a while, but now I reside in Bryn Mawr. I had to move when I realized I am just NOT a city girl! I go to La Salle University for Finance & Marketing, but right now I'm taking the semester off to work full time in the financial sector of a biotech company. At night, I work as a promotional model for Anheuser-Busch. As you can see, I'm smart and ambitious, but also a good time! In my free time, I love to go out and get wild with my girls, but I can just as easily appreciate a relaxing night in with my cat and a movie. :)

Meh, cats. That's the only downside I can find on this beauty, unless by cat she means "awesome dog that loves to play fetch." Jessica is a true hottie. She's got the body, (seriously, look at those picture. Unbelievable) and the brains, to blow most guys away. I mean..what's a biotech company? It sounds like something that makes a lot of money, and you gotta puuuuurdy smart to get into. Much like my pants. It takes brains to get into them. (Filler Alert!) Jessica also looks like a classy hottie. Yo ucan take her to a nice restaraunt, or even like a classy Bed and Breakfast, or other things that are classy but are not registering in my brain. Not only does this Bryn Mawr resident like to get down with her girls, but she also likes Paula Abdul (I'm feelin it Dawg!), eating healthy, and she loves to read. Being cultured is a huge turn on for guys...well me. I can't speak for everyone. Let's see what type of advice this hottie will ring off for us, eh?

Tip of the Day

Q: Jessica, what's your very best piece of dating advice for all those guys in Philly?

A: If I have any advice for a shy guy in Philly it's : BE YOURSELF! I truly believe there is someone out there for anyone. If one girl doesn't like your style, move onto the next! Don't try to act cool or cocky. You're not fooling anyone. Trust me, we can smell you fear. Go out, look your best, and approach that girl you like. It doesn't matter if you come off shy. You'd be surprised how many girls will appreciate that honesty and vulnerability. Just give it a shot. :)

"Don't try to act cool or cocky." I'm neither problem there!