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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Throw Your Hands In The Ayer ..Ay-Ayer


Wow, we're goin with the blonde theme today....and we've got a good one for ya. This girl is super cute. That's the only way I can think to describe her. I'm kinda going against the grain in ALL of my beliefs on this site (you'll find out why in a moment), but Irina was just too hot for me to pass up. She's got the she's blonde, now she's brunette, and yep, she's still hot either way. That's the sign of a true hottie. I can't even decide which I like better on her...blonde or brunette. She's not a model, but probably could be...It's the smile that gets me. It's a no holding back , live your life to the fullest smile. The kind that comes with a laugh that can probably make you laugh....and she's had her cleavage pierced.

My name is Irina, and I'm 21 years old.I'm currently a student at Temple University majoring in psychology.I'm the epitome of a workaholic, but when it comes time to party, I party hard :)I'm shy at first,but eventually I get wild and crazy. I love laughing and making other do the same.Looking for someone who could make me laugh, its not too hard. Did I mention I love football? I love philly but, sorry I'm starstruck. GO COWBOYS!!!

Wai-Wha...huh? Cowboys, REALLY? So yes, I went against everything I believe in to bring you this hottie today. One bonus.....she doesn't have any pictures in a TO cowboy jersey. That results in permanent banishment from our pages and our hearts. This girl really does just enjoy life though. It looks like whenever she's out there's never a dull moment. She is majoring in psychology which means if she wants to play games with you, she'll probably win. On the other hand, she's also gotta be pretty smart, so she could be a keeper. I'm a big fan of Irina...I just wanna know how do you become a Dallas fan, and what can we do to make you realize that Tony Romo is a closet homosexual, who's most likely a power bottom. TO is probably the passive one in the relationship. Remember, he diiiid cry a few times last year. So, hottie Irina, how can we bring you back from the darkside?

Tip of the Day

Q: Irina, what would your dream date be???

A: Would be for guy to plan a romantic picnic for me in a private, scenic, beautiful place. I know it sounds corny, but something like that actually takes a lot of time to plan. And believe it or not a lot of girls appreciate the thought and effort. It wouldnt have to be anything fancy, just a simple picnic basket with things i like and the fact that you would spend your day with me is enough. Who knows what all that fresh air could lead to! ;) Oh and guys, its def a lot cheaper, and more creative, than going to dinner and a movie.

Hmmmmmm ... I like it.