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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, Hot Damn...This Is My Jam

Christina D

What a cutie. You know what's unique about this Philly Hottie, that we haven't had before? She left the land of cheesesteaks and and Tastykakes for Florida! How can we get her to come back?? Honestly though. This may be a bigger loss than if the Eagles lose to Dallas. This hottie is beautiful. I'm sure she's not regretting her decision in this downpour. Well, she might not even know it's pouring here, so erroneous point. With a hometown of Warminster, this 21 year old hottie might take a little convincing...but I think we can get her back. I mean, who's football games is she gonna go to? Where can she get a decent cheesesteak? Is she now a Marlins fan? Let's hear from Christina herself....

My names Christina D. I absolutely love the beach, dancing, writing, art, music, fashion, getting tattoos, bike riding, volunteering and animals. I am a hair stylist and it is the passion and love of my life. I can't stand people who in any way, shape, or form think that they're better than anyone else. I also hate spiders, cold weather, and cheap people.

This hottie shares that versatility quality i talk about so often on this site....whether she has short hair or long hair, blond hair or black hair, she still looks amazing. She's just....pretty. I really have no other way to put it. And it looks like she's got this cute little personality to add on to it. How do we cope with a loss of this caliber in Bucks County? It's hard enough to find hotties as it I find out that they are all jetting off to some southern city, trying to escape the winters. Shit. This is why I should be rich. I don't wanna lose our best talent to Florida. Especially not our good looking brunettes. They already have beaches and what not in the FLA. And now we gotta give them Christina? Hell no. We should put up a fight to stop our hotties from movin to Florida. Put up a wall like they have for mexicans with border patrol and all that. Christina...come baaaaaaack! What do we gotta do to convince you that Philly is the hotspot? I know....we got WAWA's! What's better than a shorti with pickles on the side?

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats your best dating advice for all these single Philly guys?

A: The best dating advice that I can give any guy is to just PLEASE be yourself. I had a guy the other day come up to me at a bar, telling me about how rich he is and how he's been to this place and that place and has 10 houses and blablabla, and it was just such a HUGE turn-off. Be genuine. Believe me, most girls can appreciate an average, normal, hard working guy - just as long as he has aspirations and goals. Don't try overly hard to impress us, just be yourself because believe me, we can totally sense it when your trying too hard =] And any girl that automatically gets turned on by hearing about all of the materialistic things that you have, is most likely not worth anybodies time.

Oh, so you don't want a ride in my Aston Martin? (scurries to rentals....hurrry)

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well, I hope that you stay true to that same advice. women who wear too much make up or fake breast are not being themselves also.

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