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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes, If You Catch Me On The Corner, I Got Hotties In My Name


Whaddup, y'all. Sorry for the late post. I wanna give a big good luck to our past hottie, Terri, who is competing in the Miss Red Hot competition in AC this weekend. Make us proud! lol. Today we traveled to NE Philly to grab our hottie. Nicole is a 19 year old cutie who is blossoming into one HELL of a hottie. The other cool thing aobut her is the whole self pic thing. It's hard to hide flaws from a camera phone. I love the "self pic". It's almost like a present, like "Here. Here's what I look like when I'm bored." And when you look like Nicole when your bored, you should take pleny of pictures, cause you still look hot. Me on the other hand, I look like Young Frankenstein, so I purposely bought a phone with no camera. It's got the internets though! Nicole, tell us all about you and the Philly in ya!

Hey everyone!! my names nicole some of the things that i like to to do are ... i love to watch football i have a brother who played for thirteen years so i basically grew up around it. i love to sing, i like to dance, but im also a homebody and enjoy just sitting in and watching movies. i love food! im italian and thats part of our duties, to eat our butts off! all in all, i love being girly but i also love just hanging out and watching the games. somethings i really dont like would be liars people who try to hard and people who eat with their mouths open.

I caught the hidden message in there. Her brother played football for 13 years. So he's fast, strong, and agile, and most likely bigger than you. So tread lightly, fella. It also means, she can sit and talk shop with ya about SuperJive (Donnie Mac) and the rest of the birds. This hotties got curves and knows how to show em off. Italians love to that means your not just gonna get like a rack of ribs...your gonna get a rack of ribs in bouillabaisse (fuckin right spellcheck, I wasn't even close) and Gorgonzola sauce, or some other crazy shit you never heard of but tastes awesome. Plus she;s from NE, so you know she's got a little attitude with her. A little spunk, if I may. She seems like a real sweetheart, and she was generally thrilled to be asked to be our hottie of the day, which makes my day. Not only that, but Nicole went above and BEYOND the call of duty and answered two questions for us. Thanks again Nicole!!!

Tip of the Day

Q1: Best piece of dating advice for us Philly guys, Nicole?

A1: The best dating advice i could give all the single guys out there would be Pay the tab! haha just kidding. Just be you and if she doesnt like you for that then shes not worth it. Show some kind of sense of humor girls love a guy that can make her laugh, Thats how i was won! Dont be all about yourself girls like it when you compliment them even if its on something little like how their nail polish mathces the shirt they're wearing or something small like that. Go in with confidence but dont be cocky and the results will be great!

Q2!!!! Nicole, what was your worst date ever and why??

A 2! My worst date would have to be... There was this guy ( not saying any names) who thought it would be a good idea to pregame before coming to get me one night for a date we had scheduled. he showed up and was completely wasted out of his mind it was funny at first but then i stepped outside to give him a piece of my mind and he threw up on me. worst night of my life. i told him to go home and never even think about trying to get me to go out with him again im a nice girl and im not crazy i dont know why anyone would have to drink before picking me up! so i dont know if you can call that a worst date ever if we never even made it to the date location . So gross.