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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whoooole Thing!!

Jacky Joy

Today we've got a little treat. As I've said before...we here at Philly Hotties enjoy multiple flavors of ice cream....Today we've got the Forbidden Fruit Flavor, Jacky Joy. You may recognize Miss Joy from such classics as, "It's Huge!", "My First White Chick 2", or "Ramon is Packin Meat". I've seen a few of this hotties clips, and it seems like she's found a profession that she genuinely who's to knock it? Everybody wants to find a job that they thoroughly enjoy doing. Jackie comes to us from Bethlehem, not the Jesus country for all you sinners out there. Let's hear what she's got to say!

I am an adult performer, i have been in the industry for 2 1/2 years now. In my spare time i also go to school where im getting a degree in business administration. I love going out to parties, snowboarding in the winter, beach in the summer, and being in front of the camera.

So imagine after a long lonely night, you run into class in the morning, and sitting next to you is "Adult Film Star Jacky Joy"...needless to say, a spare change of pants are in order. Not only is she a successfull adult film entertainer, but she's a budding entrepreneur who has also started her own website, ....check it out after your mother goes to work. Jacky also likes spending time snowboarding, which could also be fun with a hottie depending on how good or bad she is...if she's horrible just hide behind a tree and have some fun. Also, Jacky's in a contest to help her win the hottest girl in porn please...please..please vote for her. (THESE LINKS ARE NSFW or NSFMA not safe for masturbation's a real problem.) Go and vote for her, and today is our one day a month, where we don't need to see your hands while you read the site. Go check this hottie out and help a local girl.

Tip of the Day

Q: Jacky, How can a single, Philly guy impress a woman like you?

A: Dont try to hard, girls hate it when guys are easy and not a challenge. Be short and sweet, just dont go above and beyond like your desperate.