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Friday, October 24, 2008

Visit and GreenFansTheMovie.c

Michele Karmin
Photo by James A. Ruggerio

I'm not even gonna speak about Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies today. Their recent play isn't even deserving of space on this website. We're gonna get right into business and talk hotties. And by hotties I'm talking about the Philadelphia singing sensation and Green Fans Calender Covergirl, Michele Karmin. As I spoke about the other day, this Green Fans The Movie is a whole look at the life of Eagles fans in Philly and worldwide. In order to promote the movies, these savvy businessmen just released a calender.....and we're wise enough to put Michele smack dab on the cover! I had the chance to meet this beauty the other night, and I completely missed it. Didn't even realize she was the cover girl til I left. I mean, how cool would I look standing in front of the table...calender open like a playboy centerfold...nodding my head as I match the hottie from the calender to the face in front of me?

Not only is Michele a model, but she's also Philly's next big singing sensation. She's about to release her new album entitled "This Is The Story" so when that shit drops, you better pick it up. Her website is in the works but for now, check out her myspace HERE! (REAL LINK, TRICKS) We've been fortunate this week. We've really got some beautiful, naturally pretty women on our site. And Michele finishes the week off just right, so let's hear what this hotties all aboot!

Ive been in a relationship for over 6 years and secondly, my income comes from gigging at bars so I usually dont go out if i dont have to...Lol, I kno i sound like a loser but I really am just a workaholic...

Im not sure if Im the kinda "hottie of the day" u are looking for...I really cant answer those questions honestly, and i'd rather not lie and make myself look like someone i'm not ...

but i do have hobbies: obviously writing music and performing...i like to collect things like cds, and rare coins ...I have a shoe fetish...and I love remodeling old homes, i enjoy interior design and graphic art..

Oh yeah, she's happily in a relationship. DOH....Michele is another well-rounded gorgeous hottie. Interior design usually means a good sense of style. Another beautiful smile....who isn't a sucker for a great smile? And the body......ohhhh goddamn the body. Outta this world. I'd love to head to one of Michele's shows and catch one of her gigs. Go buy her CD! We need to support our hot local artists! Let's put this hottie on the map and show the world our true colors. Ugliest city my ass! Interior design and graphic art is an obvious sign of creativity, which is a not so obvious sign of a good sense of humor, which rules. Since Michele is in a committed relationship for 6 years, I spun the question a little bit. Let's not find out how to PICK UP this type of hottie. Let's put the old advice to use, then implement Michele's advice on how to KEEP a hottie.

Photo by James A. Ruggerio

Tip of the Day

Q: What traits does your boyfriend have that make him a keeper?

A: Well, to start out, its very hard to stay mad at him. If and when i get into my little fits (aka moodiness, pms, or just plain cranky) he finds ways to make me laugh at the situation, and turns it around so that I cant be mad at him anymore even if i tried.

He supports what I do, and trusts me. He surprises me with things like shoulder rubs, flowers, and occasionally my favorite breakfast in bed - and his crazy surprise dance moves.

I think the most important thing between us is that it always seems brand new. Doing little things to make a girl smile goes a long way, but its also important you dont over do it. Then we just get spoiled ;)

Seriously though...for my outgoing note for the week, I'd like to get serious for a moment. We would like to thank all the hotties we've had past and present. I know this may not be a big thing to most of them, and I want to let all of them know that we really appreciate what they've done for us. A little bit of their time can go a long way. So thank you again for all your help.

Photo by Bryan Pfaff


Melissa said...

Michele is my best friend and I would just like to say that she is one of the most amazing people on the planet. With her unparalleled beauty you would not think that there would be a personality to match. Michele is honestly one of the sweetest and caring people there is. I love her to death and with her undeniable talents I look foward to seeing her career skyrocket!!!