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Monday, October 20, 2008

Must Love Dogs.....And Country

Joanna aka Annie

Bring on Tampa Bay, baby! The Rookie Rays are primed for a classic meltdown. They've been playing above their ability all season and hopefully the pressure busts their pipes. If Howard or any one of our four sluggers gets hot, this series could end quickly. If they get cold, this series can also end pretty quickly. So the nerves are kicking into full gear here. Either way, at the end of this we'll all probably shed a few tears. To brace yourself for the man tears, we've brought on Annie. this Philly Hotties has a great look to her. She's classy, sophisticated, and seems pretty well rounded. I like the overall girl next door look with Annie. A beautiful smile and a sense of style sure can go a long way in winning over the hearts of a city. Let's hear a little bit about what makes Annie stand out in a crowd.

What I do for fun is take my dogs for walks on the weekends, shop, I LOVE fashion but yet I have a whole other side to me, I would put my waders on and go fishing any time of the day! I work two jobs- full time in a Dr's office and part time at a dentist office. I love lounging around, just being low key, reading and especially cooking!

Waders? Annie seems to have a very Sex and the City look, but then she's tossin on waders, and reveals she's just a down home country girl who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Good thing, cause I'd need her to bait my hook. Worms freak me out, man. This down home girl also has a hankering for some Country Music. Yeeee-haww. Blast on some Tim McGraw, let the dogs run wild in the fields, and let's go fishin'! I'll admit that I love country music. All of it. No lie. I grew up listening to that ish as a kid, and it stuck. I just hope that Annie refuses to line dance to Achy Breaky Heart. That song just about ruined everything good about country music for me. But then again, when we've got a hottie who looks like this, we as men, are generally willing to do just about anything to impress them. And I'm sure that I am not the only one who;s gonna strap on some cowboy boots and grill up some catfish for a shot at this hottie.

Tip of the Day
Q: Annie, can you tell us the very best first date you've ever been on, and what made it so special??
A: The best first date I have been on was with my first love Jason. We were gonna play paintball, but the weather was bad so we just had a late lunch and then played beer pong for hours. It felt like I was just hanging around with my best friend. No worries. Just enjoying each others company!

Beer pong as s first date...thats genius!