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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friggin Phillies...5 Wins Away!!


"You know you're part of the team when

you get your ass hammered by the guys.

There's no better feeling" -Matt Stairs

Only in baseball do we allow this quote. Only when the Phillies put themselves one game away from the World Series would I not mock this. Only when I'm speechless from total and utter shock do I not make rear-end joke after rear-end joke until I'm blue in the face. This quote passes only when you hit a 420 ft moon shot off the other teams closer, and bring TWO cities to their collective knees. And what a shot it was.... 5 more wins and we'll be crying man tears. I mean, who thought Uncle Charlie would out manage Joe, ever (stumbles, mumbles and all) WOOOHOOO! Anyway onto business at hand. Today we've brought you a little daredevil of a hottie. Evil Knievel style. Courtney is 19 years old, and currently attends Bucks County Community College. I never had girls in my classes who looked like this. EVER. It would make school so much more interesting. I'd pay attention, I'd be a class clown....I'd do something else other than sleep. Courtney is an adventurous blonde beauty, but what makes her so unique?

I currently work in a bank part time while going to school. I'm studying to be a lawyer and love every minute of it. Some of my hobbies/interests include racing cars and bikes (I plan on getting my own bike in the summer time, a Yamaha YZF R6) I think that is also something that makes me unique because most girls wouldn't dare drive their own bike like that. Sports are great, I can't get enough of them. GO PHILLIES! I also love working out and going out in the city with my friends.

She's gonna be a lawyer?? Perfect, cause I always seem to be getting in some sort of donnybrook. Once she passes her bar exam, I'll have to keep her on retainer. Imagine a tall, leggy blonde pulling up to the courthouse, taking off her helmet in slo-mo and shaking out her hair like the movies. Then she saunters into the courtroom and drops some hardcore legal jargon on the judge and jury, and BANG! You're home free. Then you thank her by taking her out for drinks in the city followed by a Phillies game, but she beats you to the stadium because she's in her souped up Fast and Furious car and you're in your '97 Wrangler. It's all very Boston legal, but we'll take that over and call it Philly Legal (I hate Mass-holes and anything Bah-ston....except Larry Bird, the great white hope.) So on this weeks episode of Philly Legal, a website that has been sued claims freedom of speech and fights the power like Chuck D. Courtney comes to defend the honor of this local small time website, and in the end everyone's winner....except for the person who sued. Stay tuned for next weeks episode where Courtney races cars, and a client teaches her how to do wheelies on a crotchrocket while waving rally towels on her ride into the sunset....

Tip of the Day

Q: Courtney...what's your best first date ever and why?

A: I would have to say that the best first date I ever went on was with a guy who took me to a Phillies game as a first date. He came and picked me up at my house (he even came to my door). He opened all of the doors for me and was really sweet. That goes to show that chivalry is not dead, and it's something that I find very important in this world. If a guy wants to win me over he has to be chivalrous. That's why it was my most memorable first date, and of course sporting events are ALWAYS alot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! It's Courtney.
You can find me on myspace at I'm open for conversation and more than willing to give dating advice! Oh yeah, and I am single.