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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Can Ride My Bike With No HandleBars... Nooo Handlebars

Kelli aka The Analyzer

WOOOOHOOOO! 1 down, 3 to go, and my pasty ass will be sitting lower level, beer in hand, bird in other today for this exciting Game 2. Pat the one wanted to beleive me two years ago. He's gonna come around. He's the elader of this squad. J-Roll's got it all messed up. But onto today's hottie, Kelli aka The Analyzer. Ana-Lyzer. You have to be careful reading it, because if you put the empASis on the wrong sylLAble, you get a completely different meaning. This beauty really helped us out today, and to top it off she's a complete MILF. When I was a kid, we had one friend who's mom's nickname was fro, cause she had a jew-fro. We always told him the carpet matches the drapes. Kelli's everywhere you wanna be, and places you've never been....she was even on Ugly Betty. So let's hear more about this world class traveler.

My name is Kelli G. and I am 27 years old. I am a travel coordinator/project coordinator for the 7th largest IT staffing company in the U.S by day and a Coors promo model/mom at night. In my spare time you will either find me watching movies, or reality t.v. (Yes I love Chef Ramsey! )playing with my beautiful daughter or out with my friends. I am very adventurous and have Bungee jumped from 80 feet. Although my sky-diving adventure got cancelled last time I was in Vegas I will be jumping on my next visit. I have sailed the carribean on a 51 foot sailboat for 3 weeks and love the water!

A mom, a skydiver, bungee jumper, a professional and sailor. WTF....what's next? Mastering the fine art of the violin? Base jumping off William Penn? She's got amazing eyes, and insane body, and can give you one look that'll turn you in to puddy. Look at the abs! I've got not much more to say, but thanks to Kelli. What a beauty!

Tip of the Day

Q: Kelli- Kel....what's your worst date ever???

Ayyy: My Worse date would have to be several years ago. The guy picked me up and the first no-no was we had to stop quickly so they could lower his car. On the way he hit an old lady getting on the highway! How bad is that! Guys drive with some sense it’s never good to scare the hell out of us on the first date! Then after we resolve the accident he’s in the car complaining about old people and how it was her fault when clearly she was stopped and he just ran right into her. Sheezzz…hit and old lady then blame her. To say the least the rest of the night went just as smoothly as we waited for almost 2 hours for his car to get worked on. By the time we got to a party to have some fun I already realized this guy clearly wasn’t for me. I love cars and all, but aren’t you trying to impress me on a first date…not act like it’s all about you??? What ever happened to flowers, opening the car door and a nice dinner or hell a trip to go