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Monday, October 13, 2008

Gia, Gia, Happy Anniversary


Well, I broke a rule today, and decided that it would be ok to post a picture of this hottie and her boyfriend. It's their 5 year anniversary today (collective awwwwww's) so I figured we could put a picture of the lucky bastard up. This is the first Gia we've ever had on our site, and it reminded me that the first time I ever heard that name was on full house. Gia was the new girl who smoked in the bathroom and welcomed innocent little DJ Tanner into Junior High. OUR Gia doesn't look like the smoking in the bathroom type, but there still looks to be a little bit of bad girl in her, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. A little excitement is always welcomed in our lives. This Bustleton area hottie has a lot goin for let's hear it.

im a sales rep for comcast...i dont know if ya want to put this..but ive been with the same guy since i was like 17...our 5 year anniversary is actually on monday 10-13-03...i love to dance n have fun with my best friend is amy (2nd on top) i love my family, and im always up for a good time. im a crazy italian bitch from philly! that pretty much explains me..haha..and always remember boys if ya screw us we will screw ya harder! LOL.. muah ♥ G

Gia also sent us like 10 pictures to use and I really couldn't even decide. This really is a beautiful woman here. She's also in a contest on WMMR in which she needs YOUR help to get some votes. Follow this link and make sure you cast your vote as often as possible. She's also got a job and what not, which bodes well for her boyfriends wallet. 5 years is a looooong time. I don't think I've ever even held a job for 5 years, let alone a girlfriend. This brunette beauty reminds us why we love brunettes over here. Gorgeous, great body, jobby-job, and she can dance. What more could you ask for....sounds like a keeper to me. Oh, and she has hot friends....I guess it's the whole birds of a feather thing, but I'm sure it's not exactly a pain in the ass to be friends with this guy. I wish all my friends got girlfriends with hot girlfriends...makes life so much easier. But anyway, let's wish a happy anniversary to this hottie and her man a Happy 5th Anniversary.

Tip of the Day

Q: What would be your verrry best piece of dating advice for all those not taken philly guys?

A: okay for a guy to be attractive, i would say to treat ur girl as you would want your mother to be treated. Also boys if u have a girl, do urself a favor DONT CHEAT...cause she will find out and trust takes a real long long time to build back up...n there is no relationship with out trust. very important things r, work out to keep in shape..good hygiene...and of course know how to treat a lady. every girl loves chocolate and flowers, my personal lil thoughts r Wild Flowers. i absolutely loves them. and a lil dove chocolate ! and personal, it is not attractive being aint gonna get ya know u know im from philly with that sentece...LOL...well thats about it!