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Friday, October 31, 2008

Maria, Maria....You Remind Me Of A Westside Story


Soooo my boss is a grinch, and I'm now stuck at work wondering what's going on in the Streets of Philadelphia (naaa na na na). I feel like it's compelte pandemonium, and I'm one of the only suckers left out. It's like everyones getting laid at the prom, and I'm in the bathroom passed out drunk. So as the city of Philadelphia cheers on its WORLD CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES, I'm going to cheer on today's hottie....the lovely Maria. Please remove your jaws from the floor, fella. It's unbecoming. Now, everyday basically I brag about how hot and beautiful the girls on our site are, but this time I'm honestly smitten. Maria is absolutely gorgeous....possibly the perfect package. For starters just look at her, she's absolutely flawless. Gorgeous girl next store face, with a killer hot girl at the gym body, mixed with the Sex and the City sense of style. She's even a bartender on top of it, so as I've explained before, your drunken blunders will go largely unnotticed cause bartenders see all sorts of drunken idiots. Just don't use the drunk card too often. So now that's we've bragged about Maria's beauty, let see what really makes this hottie unique.
My name is Maria im 22 im in my senior year at rowan university, my major is law and justice studies. I work at a local bar around my school part time as a bartender. I was born in Colombia, and my parents moved to the united states when i was 5 years old. I usually spend my time studying, partying, bartending and working out.

Ok, so she's the hot girl in your class, the hot girl at work, the hot bartender, and the hot girl at the gym. She's also a law and justice major, which woulda worked out well for me with my little Medford Lakes run-in and subsequent fine. So she's super smart on top of the looks, which makes this girl the perfect package. Honestly, if I could draw up my starter wife.....this would be her. Brains, beauty, style, passion and personality. Colombian women are known for their passion and their beauty, and Maria is certainly no let's find out what makes this hottie tick.

Tip of the Day
Q: What's your beeeest piece of dating advice for all of us shy Philly guys?
A: my best piece of advice for the shy single guy in philly is to exude confidence, not to be mistaken with cockiness. Girls naturally flock to guys that carry themselves confidently. So make sure to stand tall and and demand being noticed, itll make you feel better and hopefully draw the attention of the hot chick you've been drooling over all night.