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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nottie of the Day

Instead of hotties today, we will be discussing EZ Bake ovens and Barbie dolls. I'm just absolutely disgusted with Bud Selig right now. Let me explain.. I'll break it down in average economic terms....I got a World Series ticket...let's say it cost me 200 dollars, If I make 13 dollars an hour AFTER tax, that's 15 hours of work that game just cost me. Roughly 2 days of work. Add on to that the 3 hours I had to leave work early it's 36 more dollars. So as of now we're at 18 hours of work and 236 dollars this game has cost me. This is before I even touch the gravel parking lot. On the way down, we get a 12 pack. 13 dollars even, and that's one more hour of sweat and tears. On my way into the gorgeous stadium, I grab a Bubba Burger and order of fries and a Budweiser or whatever they re selling. 20 bucks, one and a half hours of work. During the game, I may drink 6 beers at 7 bucks a piece, and theres 42 dollars. 3 more hours of work. Oh, and it rained so I need a new Phillie's hat. 35 dollars. 3 hours of work. Did I mention parking...last nite my normal 10 dollar lot.....30 bucks...3 more hours. Fuck, and I tipped Tom, our usher 10 bucks for being awesome. 1 hour. Shit adds up, Budward Selig.

Total Tally for one game. It cost the average fan 27.5 hours of work at 13 dollars post tax = 357.50 for one game.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! The jackoff Bud Selig wants to suspend the game...HOOORAY!!!

So noooooow, I have to get off of work AGAIN.....3 hours early....39 dollars. Pay for parking again....30 dollars, 3 hours. Fuck Tom the Usher this time, I'm on a budget. Another 12 pack. 1 hour, 13 bucks. 3 beers for the short game....21 bucks. 2 hours of work. Not too mention the 2 hours of work I'm going to spend TRYING TO GET OUT OF WORK. 26 bucks. And the three hours I get out early again.....39 bucks. And I'm stopping there.....I'm not even going to build onto this mountain.

Total Tally for a 2 day World Series Game....41 hours @ 13 bucks an hour (post tax) = $533 even. Time and Money.....How about we make the millionaires play the game in a weeee widdle bit of rain. Sure the field was a mess...but how else would we do it? This shit can't be perfect. I PAID to be there....remember that Bud. We, as fans, pay our hard earned money to watch this beautiful game. How dare you make us come back another day, unless you personally plan to foot the bill. We've waited out games until 4:10 in the morning, you pompous old ass. I'm sorry if your Bridge Club might miss a few innings once their Lunesta kicks in, but ITS NOT ABOUT's about us. The diehards who waited our whole lives for that moment....We bleed Red and spit Green. We've risked our jobs and our lives for this playoff run alone. Add that over 25 years and there's alot of blood and sweat in that time. To put this game off one more night is a travesty. You've made the game a fucking joke. I don't want a 5 inning win. I wanna sit in the rain, watching the players slide across the tarp....I wanna go to McFaddens, get piss wasted and arm wrestle strangers until I hear that there's 20 more minutes til we step on the field. This is the beauty of the game, Bud. I want to have rain pelted on top of me as we win the World Series, and create a moment that will be remembered forever. Baseball bridges the gap between generations....and you took it from us, Bud. Now the memory I have is going to the park and having to go back the next day if I can even get out of work. Thanks, pal. Glad to see this whole commissioner thing hasn't taken out the fan in you. Imagine this story, 20 years from was pouring rain. Each drop stung as it pelted our heads, but we all hung in there. 46,000 of us stood and cheered in a monsoon as the Phillies won the World Series. Chills....

This is what its about .... let us live.