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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee......

Sandra aka Sandy

Ohh Freakin' Baby!, it's 6:15 am .....and why the hell am I up this early? To ensure that Sandy is up and running on our site today, that's why. It's all about sacrifices and mine is waking up while it's still goddamn dark, scratching myself, and walking to the computer. Hate the game, son. Sandy is all hottie, all the time. Not much more you ask for in a hottie, right? The ever changing hair style which always looks good, the body that just won't quit, and the confidence to never allow it to quit. Pluuuus, she friends with a lot of our past hotties, including Magdalena, Ashley, Danni Plum, Local Celeb Amanda. If I asked for resumes and references, this girl would be the front runner from the start....I've been asking her to do the site for like 2 months. Begging, pleading....and finally, we got the yes. So pay attention...the advice is for the ladies today!

my names Sandra, but everyone knows me as Sandy. l'm 20 years old, single for now :) I live in Somerdale, New Jersey but I'm a philly girl at heart! I work at one of the hottest clubs in the tri-state area, The Roxxy/Bamboo Bar so you guys have to come visit! Most girls say they don't have a type with guys, but I do! I love italian guys, dark hair, great personality, good head on his shoulders & can make me laugh! Where are all of you guys at?! ;)

Waves hands over head like I just don't care, yelling "HERE! RIGHT HERE!" Okay, dark haired Italian guys....Blowouts sold separately? I'm not Italian but I have dark hair and a formidable saus...stop. Seriously, Sandy is true delight to look at this morning. And now she is on the market, and that means nothing but trouble for the fellas. I picture brawls over a hottie like this. I've never been to the Roxxy, but it's now on my short list of things to do, especially if it means getting to run into Sandy and her crew. This hottie's also got some style. She can dress with the hottest of 'em, and she's always up on the latest shit. I love women who know how to dress and understand what a difference an outfit can make. I'm gonna guess Sandy is Italian, but there looks to be some asian flavor thrown in there, right? Is that 6 am playin tricks on me? Well, LADIES....hands where I can see's the first ever advice for women. Which means, guys, you aren't left out today, you do the opposite. Like if Sandy says, "Ladies, never pay on the first date", you should immediately say, "Ok, so I pay on the first date." Kabeesh?

Tip of the Day

Q: Sandy what's your favorite piece of dating advice for the ladies?

A: My dating advice would be for girls to never seem desperate.Don't go out looking for a guy, let him come to you! Never change for anyone, they should like you for who you are! If a guy ends up not calling or not interested, just remember - there's always someone who is interested and who will call, so just have patience! =)