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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Luck Be A Hottie Tonite

Mary Helena

Today, I'm gonna relax a weeeee lil' bit and let Mary Helena take the helm for the post. I mean why screw it up when the hottie does such a good job writing about herself....we now continue your regularly scheduled Hottie Gawking.

I am 25 from the Jersey Shore. I am presently in Dental Radiology school and I am excited I will be finished in 8 weeks. I have my A.S. in Social Science with a major in Criminal Justice and also completed my Dental Assistant certification from Ocean County College Professional School. In another year I plan to finish my degree in Applied Science with a major in Dental Hygiene, which I am very excited about.

If I am not as school then I am working. Right now I am doing my hours for state for my Radiology license. As well as marketing and advertisments for a company. At night I work in promotions. Most people in New Jersey know me as the an Offcial Jagerette for the Jagermeister. I also recently started working with Coors Light as well. All together I work with about 28 promotional/marketing companies.

Outside of work and school, I love concerts. I recently seen Alcia Keys at Boardwalk Hall. Great concert. I love my sports as well. I like going to the beach but I never really get to go as much as I would like to. Besides that I love going to movies, sword fighting (I really do not get to as often as I like, but try to). I like art, Broadway shows, going out to eat. I am a Pub girl over a club girl. I love parades and festivals such as Irish fests, Chowder fest and Beer Festivals. My favorite holidays are St. patty's day and Halloween. I love crafts and scrapbooking, I watch discovery health all the time and the investigative shows. I love to bake. Otheriwise, I am mostly a laid back kind of girl. I am usually up for anything as long as it is legal, laugh.

My likes:

Loyalty - along the way many people forgot what this real definition means.

Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel are my favorite all timesingers.

Animals especially Butterflies. I love the outdoors and camping believe it or not.

I have a love for reese and my vice is coffee. Everyone that knows me knows I love my java.

I like shy guys that do come forward.

I like the morals of a 1950's man. One that respects the woman and treats her with romance. I have not found a guy yet that share my ideals with relationships, I hope one is out there and I hope to meet him soon. Morals are seeemingly a past tense these days. So, I hope if he is out there, one day will be his girl.


Liars, In my experience I say this people. If you tell me the truth I will be mad maybe say somethings but once you lie, you insult my intelligence and that is a bigger disrepect than the lie itself.

Cheaters - why bother, remember how many social networks are out there you will be busted.

Fake Friends _ These are my favorites. You know they are disloayal, usually they become this way when you do good for yourself. back then I would take them to the matresses, now I laugh and know I am two steps ahead and with their one step I will be 5 more.

Tip of the Day

Q: Mary Helena, what would you say is your perfect date??

A: I am again, an old school type of girl. I know this does sound rather odd.

A simple dinner, chicken parm which is my favorite and a glass of wine. i am so happy. I love to be with a person one on one at first. Remember boys, if you drop too much flow the girl has got to go....(see I am a rapper).

Anywways, I believe on sharing the dinner tab. Not on the first date though. I would be happy to him out on the second. In the real world, a man is lucky to pay for his house, loans, car and bills. You cannot expect him to pay for you all the time.

However, yes a simple for casual dinner works for me.


eagleman said...

This ugly chick is so into herself. How did she even get posted on here?! Dude, there is actually hotties out there to post. These are the best pics she has? I would hate to see her worst. What a dog! At least have a decent rack to make up for the face. I think I actually kind of pity her now.