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Friday, June 22, 2007

Are you Kidding me??? I Was All State..I'll Make It Rain


Grab your 30 pack of Natty Ice! This girl can tailgate with the best of em. I'm in love with her just for her beer pong skills. HEY HOTTIE.....At least she has faith in our team. Marty Mornigwehg better take notes. If I had a girl like this calling my plays.... I'd faint. Blue 42...RED 98..HUT HUT.....Donnie Mac drops back....throws....OH ITS COMPLETE TO HOTTIE #8......she dodges one tackle..she might be..she is..shes gone! Rachel can call me out on my game any day she wants.....I effin love blondes. I need to be an athlete. I've said it my whole life and now I finally regret it. I want this girl to tailgate for me. Muaaah. Hot Classy Smart.....and in a Westbrook jersey.....YES!!!!! She can be my hottie as long as when she scores she doesn't do the worm! Whatever!!....She can CARLTON and I'll still be a fan!
Tip of the Day
Q: Where does a guy take a hottie like you on a first date?
A: For a first date if any guy took me to an eagles game with good seats (obviously) he would win my heart without a doubt. Because well i love football and beer haha....i've loved the eagles ever since i can remember...also philly fans are just the shit the atmosphere at the linc is amazing....everyones just so happy to be there


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