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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You Know We Act All Day, Play All Night


This aspiring actress comes to us from Bucks County...Trevose to be exact. Yeah, I was shocked too. Just kidding, Sam. Seriously though...every once in a while I get down on the idea of this website. It's not picking up like I thought, and then a girl like this comes along and reminds me how cool this site can be. This girl may be an aspiring actress, but she's less Paris Hilton, and more Kate Hudson...umm with dark hair. Oh and green eyes. You gotta love green eyed Hotties! I got the impression she's kind of a freethinker, a little hippie-ish, and a tad bit of a wild child. She even lists one of her hobbies as "being barefoot." And that whats it's all about!! Finding different types of girls...Baskin Robbins is full of flavors, why not try all 31? I may not like the cherry swirly one, but there's gotta be something I do like....right? But back to our Hottie...she's leaving us soon, fellas. For the Big Apple...Los Angeles. City of Angels whatever...she's leaving Philly. She's ambitous. She set her goals, and won't let anyone stop her from achieving them. I'd watch her movies....she reminds me of the hot chick in "40 Days and 40 Nights"...I really like this one, guys. So this is my call to all our readers....give us feedback. Let us know YOUR flavor. Vanilla, Chocolate, Puerto Rican....tell us. We listen occasionally, and if not, we'll still have a stunner like this up on our page everyday for you to look at!

Tip of the Day

Q:How does a guy get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: Just be yourself, guys. Don't act like a nervous puppy, girls hate that. We like guys that are confident, funny, artistic, and intelligent. Don't be too clingy, that freaks us out. And don't make us pay for dinner, even if we offer. I know that we live in the age of equality and all, but it's in poor form to insist on going "dutch" on the first date. It's not about the money, it's about feeling like we're being taken care of.