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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'll Take the Combo Platter!

Roxi Gunz

Fellas, I searched high and low on the internet today to bring you a special little treat today. Roxi Gunz will kick your ass, and then let you buy her a beer. Roxi also qualifies as our MILF of the Week, and also our Freak of the Week! When not be harrassed by me to be our HOTD ( Hottie of the Day), Roxi can be found kicking ass in her Women's Roller Derby team, the Wilmington RuffRollers. She's #.357 for those of you keeping stats. So strap on your elbow pads, guys, and head out to their next event. One tip, approach with caution! I have a feeling this one won't hesitate to knock you out! Hell, I think thats what I like about her!

Roxi Gunz Tip of The Day:

Ok so you want to know how to approach a hottie… I would say first off make sure you make the eye contact if eyes lock that is a good thing give her a little shitty ass grin and see what response you get it she falls and smile back your in.. if not WALK AWAY, don’t keep trying to get her attention…When you walk up to her don’t give her some cheesy line like, I saw you looking at me, you like what you see?? You have to be slick like telling her how her smile just made your day or something. Try to keep eye contact and not stare her up and down while your talking to her while your licking your lips. Talk to her like she is a human being and not just some girl you want to take home for the night, that is a huge turn-off. You can offer to buy her a drink but only one if you keep offering she’ll think you just want to get her drunk and take her home. Don’t keep talking about yourself all night a little information and being a little cocky is good but don’t over do it. Be interested in what she is talking about you don’t have to hang on her every word but pay attention to what she is talking about don’t keep looking around for your next prey. When the night is over giver her a hug and ask if it would be ok to give her a call sometime (if you really mean it) and that you enjoyed her company. Women love getting attention remember that.....
Fellow nerds, it seems confidence is the key. Thats two in a row that mentioned confidence. So remember, EYE contact will get you THIGH contact. Oh my god that's lame.