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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Do Good Girls (what what what), Like This Site?

Tiela Marie

I've searched the internet, various name books, and googled the hell out of our Hottie's name....and all I found was her. But I don't need to know what it means, to know that this girl is hot. ....and she works constantly so she'll eventually support your lazy ass. So if your just a laid back guy running an up and coming website that makes no money yet, GET HER!! Yeah right. Like a hottie like this is gonna be atracted to lazy asses like us. I'll let her explain it...

Well, I'm in college for business. I want to open my own entertainment company one day. Right now I work for an entertainment company; I sing, dance, MC and am also an event specialist. My day job is working for a Ford Dealership. I like it because it shows me the innerworkings of a business. I also have my Real Estate license and am eventually opening up a joint Agency/ Mortgage company with my best friend. I really enjoy the beach and going out to clubs. Dancing and Singing are my favorite things in the world so any chance I get to do that, I'm down for. I'm really funny at the most random times..I consider myself a self proclaimed dork.. Oh and I hate sharks.

Got it all? No? Read it again. Oh, and she likes to cook. Seriously...I'm in real estate for my "real" job, and I'd still buy a house off this hottie. I'm counting my pennies right now, and unless someone can loan me like 20g's, I'm screwed.

Tip of the Day:
Q: How does a guy get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: How to get past a first date with me? Well, I think that honesty is important. I don't want a guy telling me that he makes $250 k a year and that he has a house in the hamptons, if it isn't true. I think that men don't realize that most women don't care what car you drive, how much money you make or where you live. What matters is the person. Most women aren't into the men who try to say all the right things in order to get them into bed. Women are smart. Don't expect to sleep with me, it's not gonna happen. Asking me personal sexual questions is a sure fire way to not get a second date. I like a funny guy, men who make can make a women laugh are always ahead of the game. being smart and having goals is also a bonus. Charisma is key. But the biggest thing to get past a first date with me is: To be yourself.
Oh and she just turned 21 this weekend, fellas. So buy her a drink!