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Monday, June 25, 2007

Damn All These Beautiful Girls


Ever walk into the bar, and you see that group in the corner? You think they're loud, obnoxious, maybe a little out of control? Well...that's this girl and her group, and guess what? They don't give a shit what you think. This hottie works hard during the week, so when you see her out, it's her time to let off some steam...CHOOO CHOOO! So if your in the way, you better have something good to add to the party. This woman is hot, hard-working and opinionated. A self proclaimed socialite of Philadelphia. Odds are you've seen her around. Odds are you wanted to hit on her. Odds are you didn't. (Sorry, thats half the reason your here... Plus the pictures). This Drexel graduate now works in medical sales, and spends her summer at the shore, where her house is hosted by The Public House, Red Bull and Kettle One. Seems fiesty, fellas. I'm keeping this write up short and sweet....just like our Hottie of the Day!

Tip of the Day!
Q: How do I get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: I think guys these days are not into taking girls out to dinner and just getting to know them unless its in a bar scene. So my advice is to guys to get to a second date is treat the girl to a nice first date. Dating is about getting to know someone sober and having a great conversation with them. Obviously you have to be attracted to them.

This is what this site is about, fellas. This is the girl you probably caught eyes with....went and took a shot to build up that liquid courage, then neglected to even speak to her. PAY ATTENTION!