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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shorty Meet Me at the Bar, Respect Big Pimpin


Today's Hottie comes straight to us from the lovely Manayunk area. But, seriously, she could easily live down the street from you. She's educated, sophisticated, and downright hot! Girls like this travel in packs. They're all hot, and they all stick together and watch eachothers backs. Head down to the Fox and the Hound, and Cavanaughs tonite to catch her in action as a Miller Lite Girl for the Philadelphia Soul. No wonder Bon Jovi's always smiling! Grab your Wingman now, and use today's tip from our Hottie of the Day!

Tip of the Day:

Q: How does a normal guy approach a Hottie like you?

A: If you are approaching me at a me a drank! Haha. Oh, and my friends too while you're at it. Your not just trying to impress me. You have to put in the effort and impress them too! And i like tall guys & red heads

Fellas, grab your spraypaint, dye your hair, and put on your finest T-Pain impression and spend that money!