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Friday, June 15, 2007

A4, A6, A8, Who Do We Appreciate


Your an asshole Sullivan! My buddy gets to work with this girl every single day. Do you have girls like this in your office? I sure don't. All my co-workers have kids, husbands and stretch marks. Anyway, enough about me. Onto our hottie. Interested in an Audi? This little hottie sells them, and here's the fun part....she can fix em, too! A6, A8, A4, FU.......Where else in the world are you gonna find a chick who's hobby is ATV'ing and looking hot?? where but here, bitchboy. I definitely need to get into fo'-wheelin. She sells cars, fixes cars, rides quads, and likes to get dirty......She's like a goddamned superhero. So not only is she super hero worthy, but her sales experience will get you a deal on that new dishwasher. And if our really worried about a deal on that new dishwasher, don't ever come back here. This chick is waaaaaaaay to hot for you. Thanks Sully....Thanks alot.

Marisa's Tip of the Day:

You would approach me just like you would anyone else. This is how I see it. Nice guys can be intimidated by a “hottie”, which is a problem. This allows all of the obnoxious assholes to move right on in. Personally, I am the last one to ever go up to guy and ask him out. Which means it takes me much longer to find a great guy that’s not just after some butt. So if you want to score a “hottie”, it is simple grow a set of balls and approach me. I’d much rather talk to you then someone just simply spitting game.
Hehe...she said butt.