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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson

Lauren aka Lauren Looselips

Happy Birthday, Dear Hooooooottie. Happy Birthday to you!! Yes, it's our Hottie of the Day's Birthday. Anyways, Danger's an accurate description of this Hottie! Her hobbies include Foxy Boxing, WEW Wrestling, modeling, and clubbing. She's the sweetheart with a wildside....and I'll be damned if I'm gonna try to tame her. Just look at that knockout combo...the face, then the body. I think with this girl, your better off just going along for the ride. I mean, this hottie wants to box Mike Tyson...for real. Iron Mike better hope they take him off his meds for this wildcat! You can find this type of hottie at the club, with her group of hot friends just tearing it up on the dancefloor. Don't even try to get in the middle though, unless your a skilled professional (i.e: black Michael Jackson, Usher, or Chris Brown). If you have enough balls to try, you better bring your mouthpiece. I'd try myself, but I've got a glass jaw, and no health insurance.

Tip of The Day:

Q: How do I get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: Well, one i don't go for guys spitting their game at me, i don't give into those cheesy lines. girls like me don't go home w/ dudes on a first date. i know i have a huge rack, but dont obviously stare..even though its hard not to, haha. if a guy can handle the goofy, dont care about being embarassing, retarded lauren at heart then kudos. i'm totally and completely obsessed w/ my dogs, i talk dog talk to all of them and dress them up if ya aint up for the dog seat in your car...peace.. my dogs come first! lol~ i tend to talk baby talk w/ my girls, occasionally a lisp and me and my sister have our own language. if you don't laugh at me or my jokes...then uhmmmm you can't handle me. a guy needs to know how to dance, i go out and we tear it up on the dance floor. oh and pretty boys are out of the question.