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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's Little Miss Sunshine, Rachel, Where You At?


In the aftermath of those violent storms last nite, I bring you a ray of light to start off your day. The lovely Rachel. Now let me start by saying one of her best friends is Miss Monday herself...Jenny Rae. Okay, so we know she's got great taste. Her hobbies include smiling and meeting new people. This hottie is ALSO a deans list student, double major: Psychology and...wait for it....Elementary Education. Yeah, if this girl's modeling career doesn't pan out...she's gonna be teaching kids. So track down your illegitimate ones, and move them to whatever district she's in. Parent - Teacher conferences just got a whole lot better. In fact, if all teachers looked like her, I bet we'd have less deadbeat fathers. I'd pick my future kids up in a minivan for a sneak peak at this. Oh, she's also a massage therapist.....shut it, fellas. None of those happy ending jokes here. Anyways, I asked her for a wild story....and got nothing, except she likes to run around her car at red lights. She's an honest to goodness good girl. The type you bring to family functions too impress Grandma, but hot enough so your pervy uncle will come over and give u a nudge with his elbow. Sit back, look at that smile, and hope she let's you stand under her umbrella.

Tip of the Day:

Q: Where should a guy take a hottie like yourself on a first date?

A:The best place to take me on a first date is, anywhere romantic . A nice walk on the beach in the summer or a stroll in the park in the fall is perfect. To catch my attention do something romantic right off the bat! Go all out for the first date and you've got my heart!
Once again, visit to view more pics of this hottie. Goddamned Bryan Troll. I want his job.


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