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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'd like to send a little shout out to all the moms out there. You put up with way more shit than you probably should, and it's amazing you haven't put a few of us in the microwave yet. I certainly give my mom her share of grief, and somehow she still loves me. I think she considers me like a pet...that unconditional love (even if my dog just shit on the rug, she'll still pet her). Otherwise, I can't really explain it. There's a lot of talent that goes into being a mother. We give you a lot of shit just because you care, and sometimes we mistake that caring for nagging. We do realize your just lookin out for whats best for us, and we really do appreciate you. Just telling you that everyday would give you a big head, so we like to only be truthful one day a year. The other 363 (minus your bday and christmas on a leap year) we just like to test you and see what we can actually get away with. Normally, it's not much.

In short, We love you, Moms. Not many people are wired to put up with a lot of bullshit, yet you pull it off gracefully, and beautifully too. Your like real life TV stars (that crazy Roseanne!). There's a lot of women out there who do the whole single mother thing, and I find it amazing to be able to balance a lifestyle and a child. If I had a beer right now, (I'd be an alcoholic) I'd raise my glass to you all. Honestly, I'm trying to put this whole thing into words and I really can't. I mean, you guys do so much for us that can't even be explained or paid back.

In short, Moms...we love you. We may be assholes sometimes and we may push buttons, but we're only doing what's best for you. If we didn't occasionally test you, no one would, and your life would be a bore. At least thats what we think. If you didn't have us, you'd probably be out enjoying hobbies like rock climbing and bocce ball. So thanks, Moms. Thanks for everything. Today is your day and I'll pour out some Mimosa for ya.