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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ladies And Gentlemen, Introducing Lady Von Vicious

Lady Von Vicious

Wheeeeew, boy! Have we got a treat for you today. After the long weekend, we came in ready to rock this morning. Let's let Lady Von Vicious speak as I get some hangover juice.

My name is Lady Von Vicious. Im 20 years old. Puerto rican and black, most people are shocked when they hear that...most think im Caucasian..I guess I dont hit the tanning bed too often ( Im'll get over it). Im a freelance model and freelance makeup artist. Im from south jersey but I stay in PA.

I HATE normal jobs you will never find me working in back of a register unless its at a club. Or giving clothing advice and trying to sell them just to get back a $100 paycheck after busting my ass 40 hrs a week, unless I was at a shoot dressing beautiful models for a high fashion show. Most of my jobs revolve around the club nightlife.

I have an amazing girlfriend and when not so busy I just like to spend time with her. I've been busy lately though trying to build up my portfolio and get things together to build up my own website. The website would be very different from others. I wont be doing your average glamor, no talent, no creative ideas type deal.

It would be very scattered . I do guarantee it will be SEXY but Vicious and definitely IN YOUR FACE. Im hoping to get myself out there and ROCK HARD while still being F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S<3

What a beauty. Sometimes we like to switch things up now and then to keep you on your toes, and this hottie definitely will keep you guessin. She's got an original look, which is a little on the wilder side than we're used to here. And I asolutely effin love it. Now, she does have a girlfriend, so unless your vagina is in tip top shape, you probably have no shot. So why get advice from a girl who likes girls? Simple! She knows what it takes to get her, and also knows how to pick up the its like a double dose of advice. Plus, her girlfriend is hotter than 90% of the chicks you're pulling, so she obviously knows a lil somethin. I expect to see big things out of Lady Von Vicious. I'm sure this won't be the last you hear about her. With a body like that, and her wild-style attitude, I'm sure this hottie will be doing big things....they just won't be big penises. (sorry, couldn't resist)

Tip of the Day

Q: LVV, What's your hottest piece of dating advice for all the single guys out there??

A: . Look hot. Get a new wardrobe if you are still wearing those old Nikes from 1995. Get clothes that actually FIT YOU. Im tired of seeing guys wearing shirts that show what color shirt you had on the day before. EVIDENCE ( the color lint in your belly button...GROSS).

.Get your hygiene straitened out TAKE A SHOWER!! Buy some nice cologne and a grooming kit. Get your hair cut and styled! Trust me..women appreciate it.

.Don't be stupid or LAZY..Do make your life consist of drinking in the bar 7 nights a week. It would not win her heart.

.LEARN TO DANCE. You do not have to Justin Timberlake but please do have SOME sort of rhythm. .Give up the drugs and smoking ASAP aka NOW!

.Do not expect sex on the first date. If you are looking for the girl you want to spend your life with there is nothing better then a patience. If you are expecting sex your looking in the wrong place. TRY A CORNER on the BLVD.!!

.STOP talking and start to listen!!! Chicks love to talk so you need to start paying attention to what she says. Remembering stuff she has told you will definitely impress her.

.And definitely do NOT talk in slang. If you know the RIGHT way to say something. PLEASE do not change it into something else. It does not make you look cool. SPEAK RIGHT or do not speak AT ALL and just walk away. No women wants a man who still talks like a 3 year old!